Experiencing the skin whitening effects! Recommendation for skin whitening cosmetics!

In all generations, clear and white skin is longed for by many women. There is a Japan-made cosmetic for that beautiful white skin. The CHARLE Clear white Series.

The independently developed skin whitening ingredients are amazing!

According to the manufacturer, CHARLE, it is a point to note that five years were spent for the development of the skin-whitening ingredients. I will say this about the ingredients.

Our company has modified "hydroquinone", a compound that has been proven to have cosmetic benefits but is difficult to be used in cosmetics, by using chemical, pharmaceutical, and dermatological technologies in the development of "Hydroquinone EX" with improved stability and skin permeability. Clear White Series is a cosmetic product that utilizes the effects that this ingredient produces.
"Development of Hydroquinone EX"
"Hydroquinone EX" enhances the stability and skin permeability of hydroquinone by applying technologies in chemistry, pharmacology, and dermatology. By combining hydroquinone with a component that is very similar to the lipid on the skin, it adheres better to the skin and can be efficiently penetrated into the skin. The component was developed by Charle.

The product has three lineups!

The Clear White Series has a face lotion, milky lotion, and cream lineups. Not only do they have skin whitening ingredients, they have a refreshing sensation that won't make you feel sticky during the summer, and have effects to firmly hold moisture and keep the skin's radiance.

There are several reviews about their personal experience with skin whitening!!

In the reviews by users who have used the product in actual, several comments about their own personal experience have been posted.



"I usually use it after washing my face, before applying Charle cream selfia clear white. After 1 week of use, my face has turned white, the pores have noticeably minimized. Both products are very good skin care. Using both products at the same time will result in enhancement. The skin is not clogged, looks plump and moist enough. Secondly, about the texture, I find it liquid like toner than lotion, easily absorb into the skin." (Tien Doan / Viet Nam)



"At first sight, I was really impressed by the extravagance of the design, the stylish white and gold bottle, and the way the brand name was consolidated in a single color scheme. The product came in a box with two layers, and was neatly packaged. When I opened the lid, I saw the size of the bottle opening was a little large, and I was a little concerned that it would dispense too much at once. But when I actually used it, just the right amount of the milky, moisture-rich lotion came out, and it was easy to use. The scent was mild, and it hardly had a smell to it. Even people who are typically bothered by the smell of cosmetic products should have no problems using it!" (Nguyễn Thanh Tâm / Viet Nam)



"Although this was my first time using a product from this brand, I was really surprised by how the results were way above my expectations. The package left a pleasantly simple first impression, and the bottle was perfect for dispensing just the right amount, making it easy to use. It hardly had a scent, so there's no need to worry about a strong perfume-like odor. Above all else, the cream seems to permeate the skin quickly, and it doesn’t feel the slightest bit heavy once on. It's as though your skin feels softer when you wake up the following morning. Even though I haven't been using it for very long yet, I’ve noticed that the tone of my skin seems to be visibly brighter. This is definitely a cream worth using!" (Thanh Hằng / Viet Nam)

Recommended in any case!

Japan has been selling several products concerning skin whitening, to the degree that it is even called a major country for skin whitening products.

And among all of those, this series is fairly popular. How about giving it a try? It is available for purchase in this website and shop.


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