Save your damaged, tangled hair with the AloAlo Natural Hair Oil

Hair Care

AloAlo Natural Hair Oil          

The AloAlo Natural Hair Oil is a hair spray mist for styling and every day hair care. The natural ingredients shea butter oil, sunflower seed oil, and Roman chamomile flower oil in the hair oil gives the hair extra smoothness and brightness after applying. The special ingredients also protect and extends durability for colored hair. The hair oil protects and reconstructs damaged hair and gives the hair long lasting glowing presence.

About The Product

The AloAlo Natural Hair Oil can be use after and before styling. It can be used on both wet and dry hair. The natural ingredients contained in the hair oil not only protects colored hair, but also smooth and soften damaged and dry hair. The hair oil mist is especially convenient since each spray controls the amount of the oil you use on the hair. The oil mist strongly moisturizes and nourishes the hair with natural its ingredients while giving the hair long lasting gloss finishing and smoothness when use daily.

How to Use the Product

  1. Before applying the hair oil, comb your hair to make sure your hair is straight and untangled
  2. Spray the mist for a few times depending on the volume of your hair on the middle to bottom length of the hair
  3. After spraying, comb your hair again to make sure your hair is moisturized and straightened thoroughly


The AloAlo Natural Hair Oil is recommended to use daily especially after washing your hair when the wetness of the hair absorbs the oil best. The hair oil is a great option for daily hair care.

User Review

“This is my first time trying a hair oil mist that is made in Japan. The hair spray is amazing because the hair oil that I have been using does not help me control the amount that I put on my hair. Thanks to this oil spray that solved my concern and make my daily hair care routine more easily.”

“Also, I have been using the product day time before styling and curling my hair. The hair oil actually creates a layer of protection and avoid my hair from damaging after the heat when curling my hair. In addition, I have been applying the hair oil right after washing my hair and before drying my hair. The oil maintains the smoothness of my hair even after drying my hair which is really incredible. The dullness of my hair has been improved greatly. I surely recommend the AloAlo Natural Hair Oil if you are looking for natural, simple hair oil.”

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