Review Guideline

Your opinions matter to us! It helps the cosmetic companies to better monitor their products. Also, your reviews help other users to make the right decisions. Tell us about your user experience. What do you like/dislike about the product? Why so?

Who can write a review?
Anyone who used actual product can write reviews.

What is good review?
- Be honest –We need you genuine reviews after trying out the products. We accept critical reviews, because they help other users to make informed decisions too.
- Be specific – Each of the samples should have a special feature. Be specific about their functions, and analyze on their effectiveness.
- Explain why –Your review should include reasons why you like/dislike the sample. You are weclomed to compare our samples with other related products.

Example of good reviews
“I have a sensitive skin, and am very particular about the cosmetic products I use. But it seems that counseling gel works fine on my skin. Doesn't cause any irritation! And definitely not oily! The texture of gel is super light and watery. My skin can absorb it very quickly! Most importantly, I think the soothing effect of this gel is quite good. I like to use it at night! ”

What is bad review?
“I don’t like it. This product is bad and useless…Idon’tunderstand why, it just didn’t, and I don’t recommend it for others. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS MANUFACTURE.”

Review Rules
The following rules are applicable to all product reviews on our website

1. All reviews are based on personal experiences. We assume that the reviews are genuine, honest and unbiased.

2. No posting for commercial advertisement selling or any type of non-product reviews.

3. Placing hyperlink in reviews are not allowed.

4. We do not allow placing personal information such as name, email address, contact information in reviews

5. You may attach photos to your reviews. The photo must be related to sample products. Irrelevant photos such as selfie are not allowed.

6. Harmful comments on the product/brand are not allowed. Please understand that the effect of products vary across different groups of people. Even if the product does not work for you, you should not make offensive comments about the product.

7. We do not allow any type of paid reviews.

8. Feedback about shipping experience is not a product review and not allowed.

9. COSMERIA reserves the right of re-use of any reviews and picture contents posted on COSMERIA.

10. COSMERIA reserves the right to delete or moderate any reviews which violate against our guidelines.

All reviews are the opinions of individuals, and no guarantee shall be assumed on the correctness of the information, effectiveness, and that the rights of third parties are not infringed upon. Our company shall assume no responsibility, should any disadvantage occur to the users, reader, and company which provided the cosmetics due to the information acquired via reviews.