About Us

At COSMERIA, we know how important it is to find the perfect product.
Quality cosmetics are not wants, but necessities: They are part of a woman’s daily routine, and are essential to starting the the day right. Start the day right, and the world lightens up, and you can put your best foot forward.

Finding the right product brings the joy that lets you reach your full potential, and we’re here to help. COSMERIA is a sampling and review service that helps you discover the best cosmetics. They’re carefully selected and made in Japan, and quality is guaranteed.

Simply register, fill your shopping cart with the products you want to try, and we’ll send the samples to you -- free of charge. We also highly encourage customer reviews, so you can always consult other Cosmerians and read about their past experiences with our products.

COSMERIA believes that finding your perfect match should be simple, fun, and risk-free. Happiness is for everyone, and our high-quality cosmetics will set you on the right path.

Say goodbye to wasting money on poor products you’ll never use, hello COSMERIA.

COSMERIA, A Planetia Co, Ltd Company
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Tokyo Japan