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Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening

We can all agree that following a daily skin care routine after a hard day’s work is tiresome. We all wish to have that one skincare product that does everything for us, something that could save not only our time but also our money. Luckily, Ellesoie cosmetics has it.

About the product

The Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening is the skincare product that does it all. It's a multipurpose cream that serves as skin lotion, essence, and nourishing base cream. If you want to have soft and smooth skin, this can be your go-to skincare cream. It contains an abundant amount of placenta and marine collagen which smoothens, whitens, and nourishes the skin.

The gel is unscented and has no color. It is also non-irritant, so it is safe to use for people with sensitive skin. It goes deep into the skin to prevent it from becoming dry and rough.

Cosmeria awarded Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening with the Cosmeria of the Year 2018 Platinum Best Japanese Cosmetic for Whitening and UV Care award. 150,000 COSMERIA monitors and fans with an interest in Japanese cosmetics prefer it.

How to use the product

1. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a clean and dry face towel.
2. Apply your preferred cleanser or toner.
3. Put an ample amount of the gel on your fingers. Gently massage it first in your palms before applying it onto your face.
4. When applying the product, gently blend it on your face and neck. You can also apply it on any part of your body. The gel can also be used as a makeup base so you won’t need to put a makeup primer.


It’s best to use the product if you have dry or scaly skin.

User reviews

“My wife bought a couple of jars of this gel when we went to Japan several years ago. I assumed she was all out of it when I noticed an empty jar in the trash. So, I wanted to surprise her and bought three jars from Cosmeria. To my surprise, I found out that she still had one more jar in the pantry. I can tell that she loves this stuff because she tries to stretch it out by using it so slowly. Now, she can use as much as she wants because I can always order more from Cosmeria! Thank you, Cosmeria!”

“When I first used it after washing my face with a cleanser, I put an ample amount of this Crystal Gel all over my face. While rubbing it on my entire face, I noticed some peeling going on with my fingers. It was like dried glue on my skin and it felt like it was lifting my face. Oh my gosh, it's like having a DIY Facelift! The gel that dried on my face peeled as I was rubbing my face.

After putting and rubbing the Crystal Gel on my face, I could feel my face become smooth like a baby's skin and it looked fresher than before. I also noticed that some of the black spots over my face have lessened.”

“It made my skin elastic, smooth, and bright. Cute packaging. It has a clear gel and is without perfume. I have sensitive skin but this product didn’t have any harmful effect on my skin. It's an excellent face cosmetic.”

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