Moisturize Your Skin With Shu Et Ra Organic Lotion 150


Shu et Ra Organic Lotion 150

Everybody wants a moisturized skin, but what does it take to have a moisturized skin? Is it drinking a lot of water? Is it eating a lot of fruits and veggies? Well, you can drink a ton of water and eat all fruits and vegetables, but it won't be enough to have moisturized skin. You need a skin care product that will help hydrate and moisturize your skin to give you a natural and younger-looking glow. An organic moisturizing lotion will do just the trick for you.

About the product

The Shu et Ra Organic lotion softens your skin to have a smooth and youthful glow. It protects the beauty of the skin from the environment using deep underground minerals that penetrate the skin layer by layer.

How to use the product

  1. Open the lid of the product.
  2. Put an ample amount of the product in your palms until it’s enough to cover the area that you want to cover.
  3. Massage the product on your skin until it’s dry.


It is best to use this product daily if you have dry skin.

User reviews

"It has a very refreshing scent and it is very moisturizing. It absorbs very fast! After three days of use, I feel that the skin is more hydrated. After washing my face in the morning, I use a little oil until late in the evening. If I have the chance, I will buy the whole bottle to use! If you can mix it with a refreshing curd or lotion type, you shouldn't worry about it in winter."

“I received a trial bag, which is a transparent liquid, much like a lotion, with a faint aroma. I like this taste very much. It is excellent. It will quickly absorb. There is no problem with hydrating skin water. It has no discomfort in the skin. It is good, and there is little effect on the skin surface.”

"When you rub the lotion on the face, you can smell the faint rose fragrance. It is very rich. The texture is watery. Apply a proper amount onto the face and gently massage it until absorbed. It doesn't make people feel sticky and it's moisturizing. After a few days of continuous trial, my skin feels smooth and nourished. It is worth buying!"

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