Facial care is the most important part for a flawless complexion. While in the morning, your skin gets prepared for make-up, the evening is all about cleaning your skin from make-up and dirt.

Developing a skin care routine is definitely a must if you are willing to care about your skin. Of course it might take some time to get there, but once you’ve found a course you feel comfortable with, you should keep it for a longer time.

Skin care routine is not only about keeping the same processes but also about using the same products – do not change products too much! Having a routine helps the skin to adjust to the products. If you are constantly changing over to new things, this might irritate or stress your skin. Preferably use products belonging to one brand. Products manufactured by one brand represent the perfect skin care series, as they are perfectly matching concerning their ingredients.

For this purpose eterrite fredias developed a skin care series including five products. The originally "Made in Japan" products promise quality skincare as well as gentleness on the skin and high functionality regarding aging care.

The CHARLE skin care series includes:

Essence Wash – especially used for cleaning your face in the morning the product creates a hydrating finish.

Milk Gel Cleansing – milk gel and wash are preferably used for cleaning the face in the evening. It softly removes makeup and keratin and leaves clean and refreshed skin.

Milk Wash – use milk wash in addition to milk gel cleansing for a refreshing cleanse.

Moist Essence Lotion – thick and hydrating serum which can be used in the morning as well as in the evening

Moist Milk – moisturizing serum making you feel a smooth and soft skin

How to use CHARLE skin care series

User types for CHARLE skin care series

CHARLE skin care series cleans your face from oil and dirt but also moisturizes your skin infusing healthy skin care ingredients. Thus products are used by people having oily as well as dry skin. This makes eterrite fredias skin care series a perfect fit for every skin type.


Eterrite Fredias Moist Essence Lotion

"First try on this product and it make me fall in love. The lotion not sticky at all and my very sensitive skin can breath after apply it. My skin feels so comfortable after applied it. The product is surprisingly good!!"

"It is a combination of toner plus serum so no need to apply toner first then serum separately. It works well on my oily skin. Consistency and texture is good, not too thick, not watery. Compliments well with Moist Lotion following it. Over all thumbs up for this product."

Eterrite Fredias Moist Milk

"It is a two step product, 1st to apply moist essence lotion and then this moist milk. My honest thought about this is Superb Profuct for my oily skin. It does not leave my skin greasy or shiny at all, no break outs. I noticed my skin remains fresh after applying it."

"Another product surprise me again. Its not creamy and oily at all. My skin feels so smooth after applied it. Even my husband also start to use this product."

Eterrite Fredias Milk Wash

"Tried the Milk Wash after bath, leaving my face feeling clean and soft. the product texture is easy to apply and also very easy to spread on face after mix with a bit of water."

"After i used the milk wash, my skin feels soft and clean. It is so gentle on my skin, the bubbles so soft and tense too, i love it!"

This brand has many fans!

CHARLE skin care series gets an throughout rate of five stars..if this is not a reason for buying!

And who knows, by using the right skin care you might not need any make-up after some time. Don’t hesitate and get your CHARLE skin care series today!

Starting of Fine Skin – CHARLE Series

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