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Mikimoto Essence Mask LX

Using face sheet masks is one of the most popular K-beauty trends in the past five years. It gained popularity worldwide when Hollywood stars would take selfies of themselves sporting the product and post it on social media. Although popularized as a K-beauty product, face sheet masks actually originated in Japan and are still being used as an essential part of the Japanese women's skincare routine. The product is known to nourish the skin leaving a plump and supple glow.

Today, sheet face masks come in various types, purposes and packaging to cater to the needs of every girl out there. The best ones are the hydrating face sheet masks which give the skin a moisturizing boost just like Mikimoto's Essence Mask LX.

About The Product

Mikimoto Cosmetics’ Essence Mask LX is a refreshing luxury sheet-type mask that nourishes and moisturizes the skin with vitamins and emollient ingredients. The essence is infused with pure pearl minerals, vitamin nanocapsules, and adenosine which all help in restoring the skin's suppleness and glow. They made sure that the mask sheet is made from 100% cotton with a rich and smooth texture which helps the skin absorb the serum properly.

How to Use The Product

  1. Wash your face and pat it dry using a face towel.
  2. Apply toner.
  3. Open the mask package.
  4. Remove the mask from the mask package.
  5. Carefully unfold the mask and lay it on your face. Make sure to match up the eye, nose and mouth holes of the mask to your face.
  6. Keep the mask on your face for about five to ten minutes.
  7. Remove the mask off your face
  8. Gently massage the remaining essence to your face until fully absorbed


For optimum results, use the Essence Mask LX twice a week.

User Reviews

"The most important thing was that I felt ordinary when I applied it. But when I washed my face the next morning, I felt that my face was super moisturizing. This is a surprise that I have not applied to many masks. After applying it for two days, apply it again. In the morning after bedtime, the face will greatly improve the moisturizing degree. I am very satisfied! The most important thing is the effect of the mask. It feels normal after applying it, but it has already been moisturized. The degree is extended to the next day, I am really satisfied!!"

"The blue packaging is super textured, it is sucked after opening. The mask full of milky yellow lotion, after picking up the mask, the lotion does not leave much in the bag. Apply to the face, the touch is very different from the one used before, although the surface feels a little dry, but the face will be very moisturizing after application~"

"The mask is 100% cotton material is thicker than the general mask, just take out the mask is a light yellow, look at the outer packaging of the Japanese, the essence of the mask is light yellow is the natural ingredient beta-carotene moisturizing ingredients, mask The essence is not the same as the one sold outside. It is a lotion~~ Unlike the normal watery essence, it will flow to the neck. The moisturizing part will moisturize the skin. The essence is very moisturizing. After the application, the skin touches. The feeling is smooth! This mask is very suitable for use in dry climate countries. It is also very suitable for friends who use dry skin. It may be too moisturizing for oily skin friends. This mask is also very suitable for emergency use in emergency situations~~~~ The essence can be rubbed on the joints of the limbs to make a massage and moisturize."

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