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Pearl Precious Aura Face Powder

Face powders help in making your makeup last all day long as it sets your makeup in place. Without the proper face powder, your makeup might not hold and last. It is important to choose a face powder that matches your foundation, make your makeup last, and give you a luminous glowing effect. Lucky for you, Mikimoto Cosmetics has a created face powder that does all that.

About The Product

Mikimoto Cosmetics’ Pearl Precious Aura Face Powder is a long-lasting face powder which covers pores and fine lines without leaving a cakey finish on the skin. The powder leaves a luminous shine for a brighter and more glowing look. It has two color variations: light pink, which gives a light blush finish; and light ochre, which gives a more natural and translucent finish.

How to Use The Product

  1. Apply the foundation of your choice to your face.
  2. Open the lid of the product. In opening the lid, you will see a free makeup puff that comes with the product.
  3. Dab the makeup puff and get your desired amount of the product. Tap the puff a little to remove excess powder before applying it on your face.
  4. Gently apply the product on you face. Make sure you spread the product evenly on your face.


Use the Pearl Precious Aura Face Powder after applying foundation on your face. For best results, use the Pearl Precious Aura Premium Cream Foundation.

User Reviews

" It was actually a genuine product. The puff was very soft and delicate. It also showed that it can be used at night. It can be directly sleeping. After the actual use, the powder is very fine. It can be used at noon. I feel that my cheeks have no previous oil, and I feel very suitable for Taiwan's hot and humid climate." (Taiwan)

" I found out that its main ingredient is pearl powder, so I can use it naturally before going to bed and use it. The following is the experience: once opened, the texture of the puff is also too touched. Comfortable! The powder is super fine, with a pink version, I will add a rosy feeling to the face. After use, the pores are concealed and the skin condition is fine, but the acne scars and acne marks can't be completely covered! Even so, it’s great to have such an effect in the absence of any makeup products." (Malaysia)

" Because it is genuine, it has the effect of avoiding the sticky feeling caused by excess sweat and sebum, keeping the skin fresh and comfortable, facing the arrival of summer. In addition to the basic maintenance and makeup on the face, there is no need for sun protection. With this skincare powder, it can make the face not easy to have heavy makeup, and it has a nude skin-like makeup in the hot summer." (Taiwan)

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