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Blanc Elena: Instant White All-Purpose Beauty Cream with SPF 24 PA++

As a working girl, my life is consumed by work, projects and tasks. When I get home, sometimes I feel too tired to go through my skin care routine. That being so, my skin has become damaged, dull and dehydrated. For some time, I have been looking for a skincare product that would solve my skin problems. Luckily, I stumbled upon Blanc Elena.

Why Blanc Elena?

This Japanese beauty cream, Blanc Elena, is an all-purpose, instant whitening cream. The name itself, “Blanc”, which is a French term that means “white”, describes the purpose of the product and that is to make the skin look brighter. The Blanc Elena instantly brightens the skin and covers any dull skin areas of the body making the skin look hydrated and full of life.

Blanc Elena is made with carefully selected ingredients that are toxic free, not scented, and gentle to the skin making it safe even for people with sensitive skin type. It is made from Japan and also a Halal Certified Cosmetic, which means that it has no alcohol or any animal-derived ingredients. This beauty cream has Arctostaphylos uva-ursi or Bearberry leaf extracts which is a natural skin moisturizing and brightening agent, Sodium hyaluronate Na and Glycerin that helps in preventing skin dehydration, and Fullerene that has been proven to be highly effective at getting rid of cell-damaging radicals. It also has SPF 24 PA ++ which protects the skin from harmful UV sun rays.

When I first tried the product, the first thing that I noticed is the appearance of the beauty cream. The Blanc Elena has a fine texture and a thick density, making it difficult to blend on the skin. But because of its fine texture, the product is buildable. This means that adding multiple thin layers of cream on the skin will still look natural.

Here’s how to prep your skin for using the product:

  1. Cleanse your skin with warm water and soap. When done, pat it dry with a clean face towel. (You can either double cleanse your skin or proceed with your facial toner.)
  2. Next is the facial toner (but if you're going to apply it on the other parts of your body, you can proceed to step 3). Gently apply your face toner and let the skin absorb the toner.
  3. Apply a thin layer of the Blanc Elena all-purpose beauty cream on certain areas layer by layer until your desired level of whiteness is achieved.

Right off the bat, the instant white effect could be easily noticed. It definitely covered my pores and brightened my skin making it look healthy, fair, and hydrated. My skin became smoother, softer, and it didn’t feel sticky at all. As the beauty cream slowly penetrated my skin, it left my skin looking healthy and moisturized.

I did a 12-hour test on this product wherein I didn’t use any other product on my skin aside from the Blanc Elena beauty cream.
Throughout the 12-hour duration, my skin did not once feel greasy and tacky. Aside from its hydrating effect, it is also lightweight and quick-absorbent. I have a normal to combination type of skin and with the beauty cream on my skin, it didn’t give me any problems and I was able to do all the tasks that I needed to do without any hassle until the end of the 12-hour duration.


As for my final thoughts about the Blanc Elena all-purpose beauty cream, I think it is great for all skin types. It has a matte finish which also makes it great for people with oily skin type. This all-purpose beauty cream is perfect for those people who wish to have a brighter, hydrated, healthy, and instantly fairer skin.

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