Kome Lab Sake Yeast Extract

Sake, also known as Japanese rice wine, has been a staple in Japanese culture for decades. It is a traditional alcoholic drink brewed from rice grains and undergoes a fermentation process. To the Japanese people, sake is not just an alcoholic drink. It serves an important role in commemorating their cultural traditions, rites, and defining moments, and takes part in their everyday social interactions.

Although it's known as an alcoholic drink, sake is also a popular skincare superfood in Japan because it’s rich in enzymes moisturizes the skin. Adding two to three cups of sake into baths is believed to provide the perfect balance in maintaining smooth and blemish-free skin. Because of sake's skincare benefits, it's now used as the main ingredient for some skin care and beauty products worldwide. One sake-enriched product that has recently been making waves online is the Sake Yeast Extract Serum, the result of Kome Lab's first foray into the skincare market.

About the Product

The Kome Lab Sake Yeast Extract is a serum extracted from a carefully-selected miraculous yeast “FT15". It contains a rich balance of yeast-derived amino acids and other serum ingredients which will make your skin supple and glossy.

The extract does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, fragrance, coloring, surfactants, and preservatives.

How to Use the Product


  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water and cleanse it with the cleanser of your choice.
  2. Open the lid of the product.
  3. Using the attached dropper, put 1 to 3 drops of the product in your palm.
  4. Warm it first by gently circling it in your palms before applying it into your face.
  5. Make sure to spread the product and cover all areas of your face.



It is recommended to use the product after cleansing or washing your face. Store the product in a cool and dry place.

User Reviews

"I love this product! It is moisturizing and unscented. I can feel that my skin become smoother than before!" (Hong Kong)

"I have tried KOME LAB Sake Yeast Extract for a week. It is unscented, has a good moisturizing effect, and the texture is completely non-sticky. The texture of water and water is easy to push open and absorb all the whole. It’s not bad, it’s suitable for summer and autumn." (Hong Kong)

"I think I can use it for a month. After using it for a week, my skin feel softer and smoother. It is moisturizing too! I think it is suitable for all skin types.” (Malaysia)

"I purchased this product directly from sake shop in Kanazawa. I was thrilled to find on investigating from Australia that I can purchase further product online. The product leaves my skin moist and soft I also use on my hands and it reduces the wrinkled look I have told many of my friends as we have a harsh environment for skin in Australia" (Australia)

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