Face Mask & Pack Pore Care

Pores on our skin can be clogged with dirt, sebum or excess skin cells. When clogged, pores are stretched out and enlarged, causing the skin to be oily and dull. It takes time to shrink large pores but with the right cleanser and exfoliant, you can minimize its appearance.

About the Product

The CRÉ CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL is a paste-type gommage for the nose which can completely clean off unsightly blackheads and dead skin. It is made using deep sea water from Okinawa and Kumejima, which, along with La Mer Powder, supplements other minerals within the pack. It refreshes and cleanses dirty pores, and softens and moistens the skin of your nose in the process. Through the synergistic effect of beads with a strong presence of mannan (from devil's tongue), it gently scrubs away dead skin when you rinse it off. It then tightens pores with a combination of highly moisturizing Tremella fuciformis polysaccharide powder and algae extract blend taken from three kinds of seaweed.

How to Use the Product

  1. Wash your face thoroughly and then dry it using a face towel. When already dry, apply the gommage generously in the nose area including the sides.
  2. Let it sit for about three to five minutes.
  3. Massage the treated area with the pad of your finger for about ten seconds.
  4. Rinse completely. Alternatively, you can wipe using a moist cotton pad with lotion or water to remove it.
  5. Use the product once or twice a week for better results.
  6. Maintain using the product.


“The product is quite good, effective from the first time. The skin is softer. The pores also shrunk.” (Vietnam)

“The pretty little baby product with pink paper cover looks so adorable, it is in a small white box, the aroma is sweet but the taste is so sour, it is not uncomfortable by the smell. The product is smooth without hissing or greasy, I like it very much. Clean and smooth, important is that it is smooth but the smell is soothing. Notice that my pores are also tiny, at first I did not read carefully the product information including what effect etc.. . I just read it briefly using blackhead treatment, so I was amazed at the exfoliation and smoothness of the skin. The kind of surprise that happened at the time of discovering more products has much more effect. “ (Hong Kong)

“Fairly good product. Highly effective exfoliation. No dryness after use. Blackheads are reduced when used regularly, long term (twice a week). Narrowing the pores” (Vietnam)

“I've use this for 3 weeks and I see that my pore is clearer and minimized by a bit. The touch is good and the smell is not much. No irritation found for me. The package is good. Easy to carry everywhere and seems that it is hard to broke.” (Hong Kong)

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