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“AloAlo Natural Hair Oil” is a product produced by hair & make-up artist Shiba Taro, made for professionals by professionals. It gives your hair a natural gloss and smoothness while also protecting it and lightening it up. This mist type oil truly achieves an authentically beautiful finish.

Plus, its special mix of ingredients give you an extra level of care which quickly extends the durability of your hair color! This hair oil keeps your hairstyle under control, and can be easily applied at home.

It is only 1 product but it fulfills 4 different functions. This hair oil follows 3 maintenance steps to help heal damaged hair, making it healthy again. Its 5 beauty ingredients make your hair supple and glossy.

Its 9 varieties of essential oils softly envelop your hair, giving it a gentle aroma. Since it is a mist spray type it is easy to use and can be employed on both wet and dry hair.


If your hair is fizzy and hard to tame, this oil is the solution to your hair problems! not only does it help you put your hair in place, but it helps protect and hydrate while nourishing it with the rich oil extracts. Just be careful not to apply too much on your hair. 2-3 sprays is enough but it depends on your hair length. Too much oil will just make your hair greasy and it feels unpleasant.


After washing your hair towel dry your hair until it’s damp. Then spray once on both left and right side of your head and run your fingers through your hair as if you are brushing it. After that you can dry your hair with a hair dryer but a recommended solution would be leaving it to dry on its own and let all the minerals and benefits in your hair gently.


“First thing I love about this spay is all ingredients made from natural oil which is good nutrients for hair.
Second is the gentle aroma it giving even though it doesn’t last long. As in the picture is my hair after washing without using conditioner and comb then I used alo alo spray and my finger as a comb. It gave my hair natural gloss and smoothness. Good use for both dry and wet hair. Also it leaves moisture to my hair, feel soft and nice after using. Highly recommended!!!” (20’s | Vietnam)

“I tried applying on both wet and dry hair and it works well for both! After applying, my hair is softer and more shiny and is easier to comb! But be careful not to put too much otherwise it will become too oily.” (20’s | Singapore)

“Here I am again! I’m amazed with this product! I admit I got a frizzy hair.. so every time it dries up , I’m worried if hows my look .. especially the hair… First time of applying it helps me calm, no worries at all on my hair. the smell is great too. I’ll definitely recommend this to those who never tried this that also having a bad hair day as always. THANK YOU AGAIN COSMERIA FOR THE PRODUCTS! I AM SATISFY WITH EVERY PRODUCTS I GOT.” (20’s | Taiwan)

“My hair is originally soft but it is also usually frizzy if I don’t use conditioner. So, I did a test by not using conditioner for 2 days, and sprayed on AloAlo Oil Mist after drying my hair. As you can see from the picture, it looked a little bit oily on the upper side, as I accidentally sprayed it too close to my scalp. The spray mist dispenses the oil in very fine mist; so, if you hold the spray in the right distance, the distribution will be very even. After spraying it, I let it sit for a while and comb my hair after that. It gave same effect as when I use conditioner and hair treatment; silky and lustrous hair. My friends told me it looked my hair look healthier and more lively. And if you like organic essential oil scent, this mist is for you! It doesn’t smell like chemical, as it contains all sorts of essential oil like Argan, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile, etc” (30’s | Malaysia)

“AloAlo natural hair oil is the best for hair treatment and daily hairstyle. Also it helped me a lot because everyday I’m always having a very dry and frizzy hair. And it makes me having a bad hair day. It started to become dry when i put a lot of hair color last year so now Im having a problem on how to fix my hair. Before, every 3 months i changed my hair color and put bleaching medicine to maintain the color of my hair or permanently stayed long to my hair. Also I need to blower, iron and curl my hair everyday for my daily hairstyle and it makes my hair more dry and it’s dead already, so I went to salon to fix my hair but they refused me because of too much medicine to my hair. I regret and feeling disappointed of what happened to my hair. Also I tried many hair treatment, everyday i used conditioner and oil but those products doesn’t helped me at all. I was feeling down because i have many hair falls and split ends. So I’m so hopeless for my hair, i gave up going back to salon to fix it. After that someone offered me a hair oil treatment from a Japanese product but i still doubt what if it doesn’t work again. So I researched first about the product and i saw a lot of positive comments about it so I immediately tried it. I was so thankful and happy about the result of the product because it really works on my hair. Also it has a very good scent and natural nature ingredients. I used it after bath and sprayed it all over my hair. My hair become so soft, healthy and shiny again. I can easily comb or brush i don’t even need to force it. My hair become healthy and decreases my hair fall. I was so happy with the result. Aside from affordable price this is also worth it product because of very effective result. Don’t waste your money and time to go salon, only this product can help you. I trust this product and i know many women will love it.” (30’s | Philippine)

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