Dry skin is a very common skin condition that is marked by scaling, itching and cracking. Common reasons for having dry skin is excessive use of cosmetics, aging and climate conditions. Battling with dry skin can be tough, as different skin types require different products. Without the right moisturizing weapon, it can cause the skin to lose its natural power. It is important to find the product that will help your skin restore its natural moisture and glow. Luckily for you, we have it!

About the Product

Undecor Oil is an innovative and non-greasy oil perfected to awaken you skin’s natural power. It is a combination of emulsifying particles, the essence of soybean plus five plants (Five Fit) and ginger extracts that are combined together to give your skin firmness from within.
The oil flicks the switch that awakens the skin's power to revitalize itself. It penetrates the skin while clearing the way for beautifying ingredients to restore suppleness and elasticity of the skin while leaving it deeply moisturized.
This product is highly recommended for people with dry skin and those whose skin lost its power through aging.

How to Use the Product

  1. Put an appropriate amount of the oil on the palm of your hand by gently pushing the nozzle approximately 1-2 times. 1-2 drops is already enough to cover your entire face for one-time usage according to user reviews.
  2. Spread the oil across both hands and gently press it onto your face.
  3. Gently massage the oil a few times onto your face until you feel it being absorbed.
  4. If you have specific areas of concern for dryness, overlap another layer and massage thoroughly.


“After using the product, I have now smoother, fuller and a skin tone lighter skin compared to before I started using it. And I feel already 5 years younger after using this product. I would highly recommend it for people or ladies especially ladies who have very dry skin and who wants to feel younger and have a skin tone lighter skin than before” (20’s | Philippines)

“I used Undecor Oil every night after washing my face. It has a slight smell of herbs or lemon scent which I like. One pump of this product is enough for my whole face. Right after application, I instantly feel the difference. It leaves my skin moisturized, soft and smooth. After a few days, I noticed that my face looks clearer and supple. Great product.” (30’s | Philippines)

“The oil is colorless and it smells like the bean oil and I love it. I have been applying this product after I wash my face and my face became smooth, moist and soft.” (20’s | Malaysia)

“The oil is colorless which means that it does not have color additives. The scent is very mild almost unnoticeable, reminds me of lemon zest. The consistency is not too thick, less greasy than other oils. It penetrates easily but still giving me a shiny finish. When I woke up, my face became firm, soft and revitalized. It really gave me a surge of moisture.” (20’s | Philippines)


Apply the product for five to six consecutive days for more visible results. With the continuous usage of Undecor Oil, your skin will be moisturized, plumped, supple, and translucent with reduced pores.

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