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Did you know? Vitamin C help maintain a healthy, youthful complexion long into the future.

The product made to solve that problem is the “Plus Pure VC25.” For this product, use of the original “A-PVC design” manufacturing method allowed us to succeed at sealing a massive concentration of vitamin C inside—the vitamin C content of 130 lemons is distributed within 10mL of serum.

Since ancient times, vitamin C has been known as a cure-all for the skin. However, vitamin C is a hard ingredient to handle for cosmetic products. It is the all in one medicine for your skin because it speeds up skin healing either it is a scar, sunburn or even pimple marks.

Vitamin C is well known for whitening and brightening your skin and women now a day love to use all the whitening creams or injections, well we have a more natural option for you. This product has been reviewed by a lot of Asian women who proved that within several days of using this product daily, their skin becomes brighter, and even softer.


I would recommend this product at anyone and everyone who values their skin. This oil really helps out your skin in all way possible. Who does not want a healthier and fresh skin? The amazing work of vitamin C in just a small bottle. This product can only last for a while because it can oxidize like any natural fruit.


All you need every day is around 2-3 drops of the oil and 10ml bottle can last for a good 2 month. It works best at night where your skin is supposed to naturally rejuvenate and applying this oil boost this rejuvenating process while repairing too. Your skin will feel softer, brighter, smoother and moisturized the next morning.


“It is comfortable to use, not too oily but moisturizing. Overall, the feeling is great, you can apply your own cream after to increase the degree of moisture, can also be applied alone or add a base makeup. If there is a sale in the future, I am willing to buy it!” (20’s | Taiwan)

The product is well packed and it is so sweet that Cosmeria packed the product together with a little gift. The lid of VC25 can be replaced by a dropper, which is convenient and hygienic. The serum smells like a medicine but that’s okay and acceptable. 

My skin is normal skin type and not sensitive at all. I don’t find any allergy problem with this product, but I do feel hot and a little bit pain when I first try on skin. Second times is fine. The texture of VC25 is light, but a little bit oily. It brighten my skin and very moisturizing. (20’s | HongKong)

“The bottle is made of dark glass, which is great for protecting the active ingredients in Vitamin C serum. The 10ml bottle lasted me a good 2 months. My complexion was always brighter the morning after use, but I only started seeing effects of scar fading as I was finishing the sample, so you really have to be patient to see effects! All in all, I like this product!” (20’s| HongKong)

The packaging is very delicate, there is more than one layer of bubble paper protection, to reduce collision during the delivery process. I immediately tried the product after receiving it. It was. The use of time is mostly evening. After using it, I feel that my acne on the cheek has disappeared. This is a very good product.
(20’s| Taiwan)

I received a sample about a month ago. After a few days, i feel my skin is whiter, and moist …. I really like vitamin VC 25. If you sell in Vietnam with reasonable price, i will get it. (30’s| Vietnam)

I think this is a really good products and wanted to try because my skin is hard and i want to be whiter. Easy to penetrate to the skin, so I want to keep using this. (20’s| Vietnam)

“I love how it doesn’t really have a smell to it. It can be a bit oily, texture wise. I’d suggest using only a few drops if it’s causing you to breakout. I apply it at night before going to bed and my skin feels so smooth, soft and moisturizing the next morning.” (20’s| Malaysia)

"Essence texture is oily, easy to absorb and very moisturized. It is suitable for use in autumn and dry winter.The only bad thing is that the ointment is expires in a month." (20's| HongKong)

"Sample received today, there’s bubble sheet within the package, which protect the product from damage during shipping. The product itself, with fair package, just look like every product we bought form normal store. Opening the bottle, It release a smell of lemon, kinda sour, but bland. The product smooths my face within 2 to 5 mins after I apply the it, it is a bit oily and therefore took quit a time to wait for it dry. One of the main problem of this product is that it make my face feels kinda rubbery after it dried out, although it moisten my skin very well, and the moisture effect is long-lasting enough. The bottle of candy is so sweet <3 what make it even more sweet is that this candy also full of Vitamin C, haha~" (20’s | HongKong)

"This beauty lotion only needs 3 or 4 drops at a time, so its dropper design is very convenient to use. When it was opened, there was no strong smell of weird stuff, only a hint of orange peel. In the beginning, I first tried a little on my hand, and the texture was greasy. If I didn’t push it off, I didn’t seem to absorb it completely. After trying it on the face and massage, the product began to absorb slowly. After about 3 minutes, it began to not be sticky. After 10 minutes, it had almost no greasy feeling. It touched the skin and was refreshing, but the degree of moisture was really good. Completely eliminates the feeling of tightness after bathing. If you use it in winter, it’s really good." (20’s|HongKong)

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