Must-have Beauty Products for All Seasons

For every season, the weather patterns change due to the earth’s changing position. Spring gives a warm and delightful breeze. The radiant heat of the sun during summer makes you want to take a vacation. Autumn delivers gorgeous colors as the temperature cools. And the cold brought by winter makes you want to turn all your indoor space heaters. These changes affect our daily lives, and we all adapt to it.

With all these changes around, how does our skin cope? Humidity and UV rays during spring and summer can clog our pores and cause acne to pop out. The cold breeze in autumn and winter makes our skin dry and flaky. Our skin reacts differently from weather changes, so it is necessary to consider buying some beauty products that can be of use in our skincare routine for all seasons. So, what are the must-have beauty products needed throughout all the seasons?

UV Protection

UV rays under the heat of the summer make the skin dry and flaky. It also causes pores to clog that further leads to acne breakouts. To enjoy the summer days, apply a UV protection cream or lotion like Natural OTOHA UV Milk. It's an organic UV protection cream that double blocks UV rays and other environmental skin aggressors that can cause damage to the skin. But, don't forget to apply a UV protection cream during winter too. The snow reflects UV rays from the sun during winter that may result in severe burns. So, make sure to continue using a UV protection cream during winter.


The cold weather during autumn and winter can easily make the skin dry. It is essential to use moisturizers to help hydrate and nourish the skin. Try using a hydrating moisturizer and aloe vera sheet masks to preserve the skin's suppleness and softness during the cold weather. It is best to apply the moisturizer of your choice after taking a bath. During spring and summer, use and apply a lighter layer of moisturizer to allow some room for the UV protection cream. This helps in preventing pores from clogging and causing acne breakouts.


The skin's metabolic process slows down during autumn and winter because of the cold weather. This phenomenon causes slower skin cell renewal that leads to duller skin and excess sebum. In these occasions, it is best to use an exfoliator that could remove all the excess sebum and help the skin to restore its natural softness. You can also opt to use an exfoliator during spring and summer but make sure that your skin is not sunburned or irritated when doing so.

One of the best exfoliators to use is the CRÉ CHEZ Pore Gommage Paste PL. It is a paste gommage which helps in cleaning pores and removing dead skin cells or sebum to bring back the smooth and soft texture of the skin.

Lip Care

For all seasons, having dry and chapped lips is likely to happen. It could be because of the transitional period of cold to warm weather during spring, the heat of the summer and the cold breeze of autumn and winter. The lack of moisture from these seasons causes the lips to dry. Dry and chapped lips are painful and could lead to bleeding. Aside from drinking a lot of water, you need to exfoliate the lips and use a moisturizing lip balm to moisten it up. This trick will help restore dried and chapped lips and prevent it from bleeding. Choose an exfoliator that's gentle on the lips and apply a lip balm which contains honey, beeswax or aloe vera to keep the lips moist throughout the seasons.

These three beauty products are your must-have items throughout all the seasons. They will help the skin cope up with the changes in the weather and will prevent skin irritations and damages. Skincare is a necessity no matter what season it is. So, best buy these products now to prepare for the next weather shift. You can find some of these products at Cosmeria's website.

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