Get Started on a Moisturizing Routine for your Dry Skin

Choosing the right products to add to your skincare routine is especially important during this time of the year. With the summer season around, UV rays from the sun become harsher— which might dry up and cause problems to your unprotected skin. Pollution from the outside world may also be the cause of free radical damage, leading to premature skin aging.

The good news is, adding certain beauty products to your moisturizing skin care routine can help you avoid getting dry and dehydrated skin.

No need to worry over redness, flaking, and fine wrinkles any longer. A healthy, glowing complexion is now easier to achieve with these five (5) must-have moisturizing beauty products:


It is important to keep your face make-up free at the end of the day. While make-up wipes can do the job for you in one efficient swipe, it is not a strongly suggested practice since most wipes contain alcohol that may only dry your skin further. Instead, opt to use a facial cleanser that can both take your make-up off and protect your skin in the process.

A gentle hydrating cleanser is best for daily use. This versatile product can cater to all skin types, from dry to sensitive skin.


Using a facial toner after cleansing is encouraged to provide additional moisture to your skin. Consider the Counseling Gel Moist Type toner as a great choice, since it combines seven moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, squalene, ceramide, collagen, elastin, cherry blossom extract, and chamomile extract to keep your skin luxuriantly moist after daily use.

Aside from adding extra hydration to your skin, toners also prep your skin for better absorption of the other products in your skincare routine.


Facial serums help you deal with different skin issues, from hydration to exfoliating. The hydrating Plus Pure VC25 serum is ideal for those with dry skin since its concentrated ingredients help moisturize and draw water into the skin. However, if you need help managing flaky or dull skin, an exfoliating serum may be a better choice for this.

There are also serums which can do both, or you can always opt to apply it in layers. Just keep in mind to apply the thinnest serum first.


Consider moisturizers as the Holy Grail in your beauty regimen for dry skin. Aside from sealing the effects of facial toner and serums, moisturizing products also help improve your skin’s moisture barrier. Some daytime moisturizers also include SPF 30, which can protect your skin as you head out in the morning.

Water-based products remain to be a popular choice among moisturizer types. It is an effective choice to keep your skin from forming patches and flaking throughout the day.


You would want to protect your skin before you head out in the morning, especially in the summer, so slather on some sunscreen for the reliable SPF. Adding sunscreen to your skin care routine helps prevent the early occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as uneven and skin discoloration.

A serum-like sunscreen such as Natural OTOHA UV Milk will not leave a streaky white cast – so there is no need to worry if you apply it before you do your make-up. Noted to be easy to use and lightweight on the skin, this product is well-loved among many skincare lovers.

Say goodbye to your dry skin problems! A healthy glowing complexion is now within reach, thanks to these must-have beauty products to add in your moisturizing skin care routine. Combined with proper diet, sleep, and exercise – achieve that youthful glow just in time for summer.

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