3 Surefire Tips You Should Follow for an Effortlessly Fair and Glowing Skin 24/7

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Every woman would agree that keeping one’s skin fair and glowing needs a tremendous amount of time and effort.

In fact, setbacks in skin maintenance aren’t just about that – since most of the trusted beauty brands also have expensive tags. But unknown to many women, there are several ways in which skin maintenance doesn’t have to be time-consuming, energy draining, or even expensive!

This article will help you understand what actually works for you to achieve a fair and glowing skin all day – effortlessly!

1. Exfoliate the dead skin cells away. 

What’s the first secret to a radiant complexion? Exfoliation. 

If you think your skin looks dull, the possibility of dead skin cells build-up on your skin is probably high. To avoid this from happening, exfoliation or the process of sloughing off dead skin cells from the skin’s surface area would greatly help. 

This process aids to speed up the skin’s natural ability to shed off old skin cells and regenerate new ones.

Remember, exfoliating your skin twice or thrice a week will undoubtedly improve your skin to look more radiant and smoother. 

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2. Moisturize to keep your skin look hydrated and youthful.

The next step that contributes to an overall radiant and fair skin is moisturization

It is an important step wherein the skin is given the right amount of topical hydration for it to remain elastic. Thus, making your skin look vibrant and fair!  Doing this will likely decrease the chances of your skin appearing dull, flaky, or oily.  

It is important, however, to keep in mind that not all types of moisturizers will always work for you. There are ranges of moisturizers that work for people with normal, oily, or dry skin. 

So, it’s best to check the label first before purchasing one.

Try pairing your favorite moisturizer with additives-free and organic products just like this.  

OTOHA UV Milk is great for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. With super absorbent texture and without white cast problem, this UV milk can keep your face moisturized all day long while giving lasting protection throughout the day. 

3. Wear sunscreen when you are outdoors.

If you love your fair skin and desire to keep its fairness – using your trusted whitening products shouldn’t just be your main concern. In fact, one of the most crucial roles in keeping your skin radiant and fair is by protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun.

This is because UV rays would damage chemically-treated skin twice or thrice as much as compared to skin not used with whitening products! 

Therefore, it is of high importance to find the best sunscreen product for you – a product that would guarantee robust sun protection for Asian skin like this!

One of the best sunscreen products we highly recommend for COSMERIA shoppers is OTOHA UV Milk. This product has gained recognition as the Gold Placer for Whitening and UV Care for COSMERIA in the year 2018.

OTOHA UV Milk can give twice the protection from harmful UVB rays compared to ordinary brands. To use it, slightly shake the bottle before using it. Take a generous amount on your palm and lightly apply it on your face or body.

Here’s what OTOHA UV Milk’s shoppers have to say about this product: 

“The texture is not thick and it easily absorbs. The packaging is easy to push open. Generally, if you put the UV milk on your face, the color is very natural and it doesn’t  feel dry at all. The sunscreen effect is also good, and I feel that it can really resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to my skin.”  ~Wing Lam Tsui 

“The milk-like texture is very convenient to use. Different from the other brands I used before. It makes my skin feel so comfortable without dryness or irritation.”  ~Nur Shafina Norhishiam

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