Makeup Trends Currently Popular in Japan

Japanese Cosmetics, also known as J-Beauty, is the next big thing in the beauty & health industry around the world. J-Beauty values long-term care and uses raw and powerful ingredients for daily skin care. It's also less complicated than other skin care routines because you only need to follow three simple steps: cleanse, moisturize, and protect.

On the other hand, J-Beauty makeup focuses on giving a minimalist, flawless, geisha-like glow. This Japan-originated aesthetic paved the way for J-Beauty’s popularity all over the world. Several fashion gurus and even brands used these makeup techniques for magazine cover shoots, and runway walks. Here are some popular makeup trends from Japan that you can cop:

The Hangover Makeup

Japanese women are wearing heavy touches of bright blush tones under their eyes as part of the "byojaku" trend or the sickly hangover trend. The trick is to have that hangover but fresh look. To achieve this makeup trend, you need to create a "pale" look with matching puffy and reddish blush in your under-eye area.

Colored Eyeliner

If you love being bright and bold, you'll surely love colored eyeliner. Japanese women ditched the plain old black and brown eyeliner and replaced it with bold and bright-colored ones in a heavy cat-eye. It's quite easy to follow this trend. You just need to choose a bold-colored eyeliner and wing it.

Glossy & Glittery Eyeshadow

Magic fairy dust isn't the only thing that can make you sparkle and glitter. Applying glossy and glittery eyeshadows can also do that to you. This trend took off in Japan 2018 but nowadays, it can be seen from the runways down to Tokyo alleys as well.

Bitten & Vitamin C Lips

Unlike the hangover makeup look, this one looks fresher and healthier. Also called the "Fruit Juice Lip", this trend is characterized by making your lip look bitten or has been freshly touched with a cold delicacy. This trend was first seen in some campaigns for Japanese cosmetic & beauty brands like Shiseido.

To achieve this look, choose an orange-based red lipstick and apply it on your lips. Then, apply some lip gloss on top of it. You can also try to apply the lipstick on the center of your lips and softly spread it to achieve a more gradient look.

The Japanese makeup aesthetic has a bright future ahead because of its minimal and elegant concept. More Japanese beauty brands are reaching the worldwide market every day, making J-Beauty a global hit in the cosmetic industry. Makeup trends will always change from time to time, but Japan will always find a way to blaze a trail for the beauty and cosmetics industry.

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