Top 5 Natural Ways to Counter Hair Damage

The hair is part of our personality, and we often try to express ourselves by styling it. When we feel like it, we bleach and have it colored in any shade that we want. We curl or straighten our hair when we have to attend special occasions, or simply if we feel like it's not cooperating with us. And when it's too hot outside, we often pull it up into a ponytail or a messy bun. Styling our hair is okay and imperative but we often forget that over-styling it can also cause damage.

Damaged hair can become fragile, lifeless, and brittle. It can develop cracks on the outer layer of each hair strand— which lead to split ends, hair breakage, and hair frizziness. Continued damage can further lead to hair thinning, loss, and bald spots. Lucky for us, there are ways to counter these damages.

In this article, we’ll talk about five (5) natural ways that can effectively counter hair damage:

Avoid Using Hot Hair-Styling Tools

You can count on a hair blower to make your hair voluminous and alive, and a flat iron if you want to quickly straighten your hair. A curling iron is another styling tool that can give you subtle beach waves to perm-like curls. Although it's comforting to use all these beauty tools, it unfortunately brings harm to our hair over time. Frequent usage can eliminate the hair's natural oil and moisture, making it dry and brittle.

One of the best practices in countering hair damage caused by the use of these tools is by regulating the heat temperature into medium to low heat. You can also opt to air dry your hair instead of using a hair blow dryer. However, the best solution yet is to slowly practice avoiding the use of hot hair styling tools.

Trim Damaged and Split Ends

If your goal is to restore your hair's natural glow, it is best to trim the straw-like, damaged and split hair ends. Getting a trim can be enough to counter hair damage while reviving your hair. You can cut the split and dry ends by layer to help identify and get rid of the damaged parts. If you can't do it on your own, it is best to seek professional help by hairstylists who know their way around damaged hair. Trimming at least once every six months will help the hair to regrow, replenish lost natural oils, and eliminate other radicals that are causing it to become dry.

Upgrade to Organic and Damage-Care Shampoos

Shampoos help in cleaning the hair and removing excess oil and product build-up. Unfortunately, some shampoos contain excessive amounts of detergent which, when used, causes the hair to be dull and dry. As an alternative, it is best to use an organic shampoo made with natural ingredients that's gentle to the scalp and hair. Using a shampoo derived from plants and natural essential oils like Aroma Kifi Damage Care Shampoo might just do the trick for you. It does not include silicone or paraben, synthetic coloring agents and perfume, mineral oil, animal origin materials, or any oil-based surfactants. It can gently and slowly wash off hair and scalp irritants.

Apply Essential Oils

There's no better way to strengthen hair follicles than applying essential oils on your hair. Essential oils have medicinal and natural ingredients that deeply repair weak strands. They form a protective barrier around the hair cuticle while nourishing and repairing the hair shaft. If you don’t have any nearby essential oils, you can opt to use a product that contains an essential oil like AloAlo Natural Hair Oil. It is composed of nine varieties of essential oils, such as chamomile and sunflower oils, to nourish and make the hair supple and glossy again. Not only does it help restore the hair’s suppleness, but it also keeps it shiny and glowing. Plus, it can help in retaining the color of your hair too!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Having a healthy diet is not only about eating the right kind of food— it also involves drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, getting the right amount of sleep, and of course, following a high-nutrient diet. Some of you might ask, how does this relate to countering hair damage? Well, it's more relevant than you think. Meat and some dairy products are rich in protein (amino acids) which makes up the most substantial part of our hair build-up. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and antioxidants, which help in maintaining the natural glow of the hair. Drinking plenty of water can ensure that your body, as well as the scalp, is hydrated. Consuming regular portions of nutrients like proteins and vitamins can help the hair absorb moisture, causing it to gradually go back to its natural smoothness. Maintaining a healthy diet is a good start in countering hair damage so best eat all your nutritious goods and don't forget to exercise.

These five natural ways of countering hair damage can help you have a long-lasting smooth and glowing hair. It's always easier to change old habits so start taking steps to prevent or combat hair damage now while it's still early. Always give your hair some extra care and love; after all, it's your crowning glory. For more products on effective hair care, you can always check out Cosmeria's blog.

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