COSMERIA of the Year 2018 Awarded Items

COSMERIA of the Year 2018

Winners decided by a poll of 150,000 high class Asian women interested in Japanese cosmetics and review website rankings.

What is COSMERIA of the Year?

An award for the cosmetic product most preferred by 150,000 Asian women

- An award for the cosmetic product most preferred by 150,000 COSMERIA monitors and fans with an interest in Japanese cosmetics

All products listed/introduced on COSMERIA are eligible for the award

- All Japanese cosmetic products listed on the COSMERIA website or introduced on social media are eligible for the award

Evaluation method

- Selected by comprehensive evaluation of fan posts, review website rankings, number of reviews, quality of reviews, likes and shares on social media, number of comments, and user-generated content

COSMERIA of the Year 2018 - No.1

DERMA QII Mild Peeling Gel Plus DAMASK ROSE Fragrance

Featured Review
"DERMA QII Exfoliating Beauty Essence (Japanese Rose Stratum Corneum Lotion) has an elegant, refreshing rose fragrance that smells very comfortable. Its texture is also very gentle. Just by gently rubbing, you can remove the old stratum corneum from your face. After removing the precipitate melanin and stratum corneum, the skin does not feel dry or tight but rather feels soft and tender. It feels great. It is not the same as the other exfoliating products that I have used before. Personally, I highly respect this product. Using it 1-2 times a week can make your skin cleaner and more tender~"

Cleansing / Face Wash - Platinum


Featured Review

"This product does a good cleaning job as my excess sebum was got rid by the face wash, and I do not feel any uncomfortable feeling after the washing my face!"

Cleansing / Face Wash - Gold

D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm

 Featured Review

"I love this product once i open it , the packing. is so luxury. I never use cleaning product like this and i was surprised ! It is hard texture not cream texture , once apply to face the balm become oil and spread on face , it is so comfortable in dry morning . When washed , face feel clean so well ! Good cleaning experience."

Peeling / Pore Care - Gold

Deau Daily Peal

 Featured Review

"After washing my face, I immediately applied this "stratum corneum tender beauty lotion". I took a small quantity and it felt a little warm in the palm of my hand. I applied it to my entire face, and then applied the cosmetics lotion. I felt that the lotion penetrates into the bottom layer of my skin. It keeps my face moisturized and enables the skin care products applied later to absorb very easily. This is a great skin care product. It is really worth a big push from me~"

Peeling / Pore Care - Bronze

Pore Gommage Paste PL

Featured Review

"After using it for about two weeks, the acne around my nose became less obvious! The first time I used it I felt that the area around my nose was a little clearer, but after the second or third try the change was very obvious!"

Lotion - Platinum

Kumamoto Jumma Lotion

Featured Review

"Because it is a beauty liquid, it can be used with a cotton pad. Dabbing it on your face, it is absorbed very quickly. It has no smell. It can even be used on sensitive skin without any worries. After use, the skin of your face immediately feels hydrated and moisturized. It is very refreshing and not sticky. It works great with other moisturizers in the same series during winter."

Lotion - Gold

Ryusendo Skin Lotion

Featured Review

"I have a mixed skin type. I can use this lotion quite well. It absorbs quickly. I don't think it has any particular smell. It doesn't have too much of a fragrance. It is comfortable to use overall. After applying it and before other skin care product has been applied, your skin already has a a brightened feeling. It is quite suitable for use in spring and summer and it is not sticky."

Lotion - Bronze

eterrite fredias Moist Milk

Featured Review

"I use this moist milk after the essence lotion. This moist milk is not smelly and is very moist. It is so easy to spread to my whole face and keeps my face feel clean after i use it. I have an oil skin and do not like too thick or oily product and this one is perfect for me. Really recommended."

Serum - Platinum

Kome Lab Sake Yeast Extract

Featured Review

"It's great to use and very fresh. It quickly absorbs. After use, the skin is smoother. I thought the yeast lotion would have a strong smell and I wasn't very comfortable with it. However, it does not contain spice, and the texture is nice and moisturizing. Even if you use it daily, you don't feel uncomfortable. You can actually feel "the difference in the hydration level". It is worth using!"

Serum - Gold

Undecor Oil

Featured Review

"The beauty oil helped with the dry patches on my skin. It has a soothing, refreshing smell. It applies on and absorb by the skin easily. Definitely follow its suggestion and use lotion after the beauty oil to diminish the slight oily feel."

Serum - Bronze

Precious Serum

Featured Review

"Very effective against the signs of aging on my skin. wrinkles, uninspiring skin, sagging, and dark rings under the eyes. only serum serum can treat and restore my face. I like very much"

Whitening / UV Care - Platinum

Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening

Featured Review

"I've been using the product for 12 days and achieved good results from the products. I used Ellesoie Crystal Gel in the evening before bedtime. When apply face cream, fast-absorbing cream, not flat hiss, not clog pores. and after washing the face, I felt my face taut, smooth. After 12 days of use, my skin elastic, smooth and bright."

Whitening / UV Care - Gold

Natural OTOHA

Featured Review

"This uv milk is very moisturizing. It is suitable to use in winter. I love the texture. It is light and absorb quickly."