Instant Glow with Ellesoie Crystal Gel

Cream Whitening

Ellesoie Crystal Gel: Skin Tightening Gel Moisturizer with Vitamin E

Being a woman means being obsessed with skin care products, at least for me. Ladies, whether we admit it or not, we always dream of having a fair skin just like our favorite celebrities.

What is it about Ellesoie?

I was on the lookout for new skincare products when I read about this product from Cosmeria's website called the “Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening”. This product is an all-in-one gel that works as a skin lotion, skin essence, nutritive cream, and a makeup base cream. This product can be your alternative from using a makeup primer. I can attest to this because when I started using this product, I noticed that my makeup actually lasted all day without having to retouch constantly.

This product is designed to prevent the skin from dryness and roughness. It contains placenta, which helps whiten your skin, and marine collagen, which serves as a moisturizer that is absorbed by your skin, keeping it supple and moist. To top it off, this crystal gel also has Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate that works as an anti-inflammatory agent which is used as a sunburn aide.

As for packaging, it’s perfect! It’s very convenient to carry around especially when you travel. You don’t even have to worry about misplacing it because it can easily fit in your purse.

Here’s how you apply it

  1. First and foremost, make sure you face is clean. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a clean and dry face towel.
  2. Apply your usual cleanser or toner.
  3. Put an ample amount of the gel on your fingers. Gently massage it first in your palms before applying it into your face.
  4. When applying the product, gently blend it on your face and neck. Hint: you can also apply it anywhere in your body.
  5. Wait for it to dry.
  6. You can now go ahead and apply your makeup.

I personally like it because it tightens my skin (which is a big deal for me). When using the product, you will notice that your skin gets really soft and smooth after the application.


I highly recommend this to those who have oily skin because this product leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated but won’t add extra oil.

For best results, I recommend applying the product twice a day. I use it every morning before I put my makeup on and every night before going to sleep and it has never let me down.

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