Lishan Horse Oil Skin Cream

Lishan Horse Oil Skin Cream

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2019 Monde Selection Winner Cosmetics category Body care category


Good quality Japanese horse oil

Horse oil, very close to human sebum and known as all-purpose oil.Smooth and familiar, it penetrates quickly and does not stick.

Aging Care Ingredient "Hokkaido Horse Placenta"

Contains horse placenta extract extracted from the racehorse' s placenta of Hokkaido Hidaka region. It contains several hundred times as many amino acids as pig placenta extract, and is nanoized, so it has excellent permeability and hygroscopicity.

Allergy tested, safe and secure

In a cumulative irritation and sensitization test (RIPT) conducted by a third party that examines skin irritation, it was classified as the highest grade "safety item" with a perfect evaluation of "all people did not respond"

How to Use


Water, stearic acid, cetanol, mineral oil, sorbitol, horse oil, placenta extract (horse), dimethicone, triethylhexanoin, cyclopentasiloxane, PEG-40 stearate, glyceryl stearate, silicic acid (Al / Mg), carbomer , Hydroxide K, EDTA-2Na, Tocophenol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethanol, Fragrance

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Customer Reviews

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No breakout!

I am really in love with this cream. I use this cream on my face, hand and foot after taking bath . I like how it absorb on my skin. I don't see any shine and oily. I feels fresh, hydrates and my skin become soft. I apply this cream 3 to 4 times a day. No breakout at all. It’s great!

Smells good

When it comes to cream putting on my body, smell is really important factor to pick. I really like the smell of this skin cream!
Not strong but decent :) As for texture, it is smooth after putting it. I use this cream 3-4 times a day.

Lishan horse oil cream

Saya amat menyukainya kerana teksur yang ringan dan mudah meresap ke dalam kulit. Ia membuatkan kulit saya kering dan terasa lembut.sebelum ini kulit muka saya berminyak. Baunya juga wangi . Saya amat menyukainya. Terima kasih kerana membuatkan saya tidak lagi risau ketika keluar rumah. Saya menyukainya 200%

Zura kamal
Lishan horse oil skin cream

Saya sangat suka dengan cream lishan ini kerana ia cepat meresap dan memberikan kesan yang terbaik dengan pantas. Saya sangat menyokong produk ini.

Lishan horse oil product

Krim lishan sangat bagus utk kulit. Ia bukan saja melembapkan kulit malah ia cepat meresap setelah digunakan.

Very Good Product!

I always change from one to another brand of skin lotion when ever it doesnt suit my preference. But Lishan Skin Cream is going to be my #1. I always choose lotion with no fragrance because I cant stand too strong fragrance but Lishan skin cream has a calm and soft fragrance that my husband and I love it.

Fast absorption, not sticky and really moisturize my skin. I choose to apply after bath so i can had a long lasting good smell. Recommended product from Lishan! ♥️♥️♥️

Masyitah Isa
lishan Horse Oil skin cream

Krim yang sangat lembut pada kulit,cepat menyerap,tidak melekit dan berbau harum,menjadikan kulit sentiasa lembap dan lembut sepanjang hari..

Good perfume

Nice smell. Not too strong.
After using it, it will not be too sticky and will be moist

Smoother skin

After using this cream, my skin is very smooth and radiant. I really love this product. Very recommended 👍👍👍👍

High quality

using high quality ingredients and it is very good for my skin. It makes my skin looks younger and nourishing. I teally love it..very recommended

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