D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm
D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm
D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm
Premier Antiaging

D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm

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No.1 in popular review websites - highly useful 5-in-1 smooth cleansing balm
Sold over 1.5 million pieces! Voted no.1 in "Other cleansing category", and "Massage category" in one of the most famous beauty product review websites! Winner of the Monde Selection prize for 5 consecutive years. A pioneering product in the world of balm-type cleansing products.

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How to Use


1. Please pick up cleansing in dry condition of a face and a hand and let it fit in the whole face. (when you are hard to put it on the face, please use it after putting it on the palm and pushes it softly with one finger and fit in and use it.)

2. Please spread in the whole face and let you fit for around one minute to picture a circle from the inside in the outside round and round from the bottom to the top in a big.

It is the one which you put it too much or the long-time massage puts a burden on skin, and causes a wrinkle and dullness of the power and is strict prohibition.

3. Cleansing small with the stomach of the finger and round and round carefully the part which the dirts such as the wings of the nose or an eye, lips!

4. If a dirt rises, please wash away around 20-30 times with tepid water carefully by all means. it is signature of washing if first hot water muddy white becomes transparent.
※The double face-wash is unnecessary.

The ideal of the hot water is slightly lower than body temperature.
Because it causes drying and the slack, please avoid too hot hot water and the water pressure of the shower.

When a feeling slimily loses and a finger slips over skin smoothly and The state that a feeling a feeling stays with moisture, the state of washing is the best.
If hold the moisture with a towel lightly, skin will be moist soft such as the hot spring up.


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Customer Reviews

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D.U.O. The Cleansing Balm 90g

Satisfied customer

Fast shipping. Product received as expected. Will buy again.

I have now used this product…

I have now used this product for over 2 weeks, this has now been the item I should used everyday for removing my makup. It is winter now in Hong Kong, and I feel this product is quite suitable to use during the dry weather. Besides, I can really feel the my skin has gone so soft after using it. I hope to buy another bottle after mine has finished , hope the company will make it available in Hong Kong :)

I think this product is prttey suitable for my skin…

I think this product is prttey suitable for my skin type as I often feel dry during the winter season. Plus, I really like how it says about how cleansing and moisurising effect are bought just by using it alone.

I love this product…

I love this product once i open it , the packing. is so luxury. I never use cleaning product like this and i was surprised ! It is hard texture not cream texture , once apply to face the balm become oil and spread on face , it is so comfortable in dry morning . When washed , face feel clean so well ! Good cleaning experience.