Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening
Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening
Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening
Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening
Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening
Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening

Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening

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Awards and Credentials

COSMERIA of the Year 2018 - Platinum - Whitening / UV Care


"Ellesoie Crystal Gel is an all-in-one gel refers to a multipurpose cream that works as a skin lotion, milky lotion, skin essence, nutritive cream, and base. The gel is almost non-irritant to the skin, easy to care, and economical! Wake up in the morning with a supple and moisturized feeling! The product combines rich amounts of placenta (whitening), marine collagen (moisturizer), three types of seaweed (brown algae, red algae, green algae), hyaluronic acid, vitamin C derivative, and more natural beautifying for your skin. The product has no added scents, colors, mineral oil, or surfactants, so it can be used on sensitive as well as children's skins without worry. The product works to prevent the skin from becoming dry and rough, and keeps it supple and moist, and conditions it to maintain a healthy texture. It gently seeps into the skin and leaves a clean and moist feeling. - The included dipotassium glycyrrhizate also works as an anti-inflammatory agent, making the product suitable for sunburn care. This product has been a long, steady-seller since its release in 2004. We recommend it to those who care about their skin, as well as those who are busy or want to save money."


Glycyrrhizin dipotassium / placenta extract (3) / phenoxyethanol / 1,3-butylene glycol / concentrated glycerin / carboxyvinyl polymer / allantoin / pyridoxine hydrochloride / deoxyribonucleic acid potassium / ascorbic acid phosphoric acid ester sodium / vegetable squalane / natural vitamin E / potassium hydroxide / sodium hyaluronate (2) / water-soluble collagen solution / seaweed extract (4) / seaweed extract (1) / chlorella extract / mulberry / ethanol / purified water


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
James Raymond
My wife LOVES this Ellesoie Crystal Gel!!

My wife bought a couple of jars of this gel when we went to Japan several years ago, and I assumed she was all out of it when I noticed an empty jar in the trash. So I wanted to surprise her and bought three jars from Cosmeria. To MY surprise, I found out that she still had one more jar in the pantry. I can tell that she REALLY loves this stuff because she tries to make it stretch by using it so slowly. Now she can use as much as she wants because I can always order more from Cosmeria!! Thanks Cosmeria!!

Wydiawati Utomo
Ellsoie Crystal Gel

Fantastic with affordable price. I love this product so much also the ellsoie face cream. These two productat combined together are magical

Maizy Lam
Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening

用了Ellesoie Crystal Gel Whitening 20天,感覺皮膚色素是有改善,而且還緊緻光滑了一些,相信繼續使用會有更大的改變

Janet Ang
ellesoie crystal clear gel

I like this product, my facial skin improves a lot after using this. I had been using it for about 6 months.

Great product, save money and time

Crystal Gel Whitening is the best product I have ever tried. It save time and money, yet give me very soft babylike skin. Thank you.

calvin nai hsin chien

Fast Shipping

Neiming Su
Nice gel whiting

I bought this for my mom. She has been using for 2 week, it seems her dark spot has slowly clear out. Thanks.

Jale Lee
Hydrating gel

I can't use regular cream because it gives me breakouts. This gel gives good hydration for acne prone skin.

Joi Irah Untalan
8 out of 10 Stars

When i first used it, after washing my face with a cleanser, i put an ample amount of this Crystal Gel all over my face. While rubbing it on my entire face, i noticed some peeling-like thing going through with my fingers. it is like a dried glue on my skin and it feels like lifting my face. Oh my gosh, it's like i'm having a DIY Face lift! Lol. the Gel that dried on my face peels while i'm rubbing my face. i think, those are the dead skin cells on my face that cannot be remove by a face cleanser alone.

After putting and rubbing the Crystal Gel on my face, i can feel my face becomes smooth like a baby skin and looks fresher than before.

As you can see, if you notice my face became slightly reddish maybe because of my rubbing procedure hahaha! but i noticed that some of black spots over my face lessen.

so, because of this, i am giving the product an 8 out of 10 stars.

maybe when i used it daily for 1 month, my face will be more clearer, fairer, fresher and smoother than this first try.

too bad, i only have a sample of the product so i cannot use it for a month. maybe just for a week only!

woohoho.. pls. give me more. Cosmeria!!

i have a review blog. please check out here:


嘗試各種美白產品實在讓人心情愉快這款是一款用了很有感的美白gel,手臂位置明顯變白了! 試用裝用完後會再回購的!誠意推薦給各位http://www.shopcosmeria.com?aff=46

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