3 Skin Care Sets for Your Beauty Regime

In the world of beauty junkies, skincare is a commodity and following a skincare routine is necessary. When it comes to following a skincare routine, you can either be a maximalist or minimalist. A skincare maximalist tends to mix up skincare products from different brands. Mixing simply means that you are either layering the products or alternating its frequency from one brand to another. A skincare minimalist, on the other hand, tends to use products from only a single skincare brand. They could either come from a set or just layering the brand's products and creating a simple routine.

Although practiced by many people, being a skincare maximalist is quite risky. One product can sometimes be incompatible with another product because of its ingredients and purpose. When the layered products do not work synergistically with each other, it can cause the skin to dry out, break out, and have enlarged pores.

Dermatologists suggest that it is safer to be a minimalist when it comes to our beauty regime. A set of skincare products from one brand is made to achieve optimal results for your skin. If you want to switch and be a minimalist, here are three Japanese skincare sets that we can recommend for your beauty regime:

Kumamoto Series

The Kumamoto Series serves as an anti-aging set of beauty products. The set is composed of a lotion, serum, and cream. The products were made using highly purified Kumamoto-made horse oil, placenta extracts and sunflower extracts and soy milk fermented liquid.

The lotion improves penetration of the two other products or other skincare products it is used with. It softens and moisturizes the skin to keep it healthy. The serum, applied after the lotion, helps in repairing damaged skin. It improves the elasticity and texture of the skin to achieve a younger-looking glow. The cream, applied after the serum, protects the skin from drying and external irritants. This skincare set is suitable for all skin types. It is also used as a treatment for acne breakouts and dark spots.

Eterrite Charles Skin Care Series

The Eterrite Charles Skin Care series also serves as an anti-aging set of beauty products. The set includes a cleansing oil, a washing foam, a lotion, an essence, and an essence cream. This set of skincare products uses Moringa, an herbal extract that promises to keep the skin firm, healthy and shiny, as its main ingredient.

The cleansing oil cleanly removes darkened pores caused by dead skin cells build-up. The washing foam, used after cleansing, thoroughly removes excess dead skin cells for a brighter and clearer skin. The lotion restores the aging outer layer of the skin to its natural younger-looking glow. The essence serum moisturizes the skin to bring back its suppleness and clarity. Lastly, the lightweight essence cream protects the skin from external irritants. The Eterrite Charles Skin Care Series is compatible with all skin types. It will repair the skin's elasticity while keeping it healthy.

Eterrite Fredias Skin Care Series

The Eterrite Fredias Skin Care series is an anti-aging set of beauty products that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The collection includes an essence wash, a milk cleansing gel, a milk wash, a moist essence lotion, and a moist milk serum.

First, use the milk gel cleansing to remove makeup and excess sebum on the skin. The gel has microbeads that help in gently scrubbing off makeup and dead skin cells from the skin's surface. Then, use the essence wash to cleanse and hydrate your face. Apply the moist essence lotion. The essence lotion is a thick hydrating serum with keratin care that moisturizes and prepares the skin for the final product touch. Lastly, apply the moist milk serum. The serum spreads evenly on the skin and traps the moisture in to give you a fresh and younger-looking skin for the whole day. The Eterrite Fredias Skin Care Series is compatible with all skin types, especially dry or oily skin.

Being a minimalist and using a series of products manufactured by one brandis not going to hinder us from regulating our skincare routine. Always remember that it is still best to use the products that perfectly blend with each other and do not harm our skin.

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