Stay Sun-Smart with eterrite Dual Protect Force 50NC: A Review

As summer approaches, the importance of sun protection cannot be overstated. Sunscreen is an essential part of any daily skincare routine, and recently, the eterrite Dual Protect Force 50NC UV Cut Cream has emerged as a top contender. In this review, we will delve into the features and user experiences with this product.

Product Overview:

The eterrite Dual Protect Force 50NC is a sunscreen with SPF 50 and PA+++. Notable for its dual protection against harmful UV rays and pollution, this cream offers a unique approach to skincare.

Product Performance:

The cream boasts a lightweight texture that blends seamlessly into the skin, eliminating the greasy feeling associated with many sunscreens. It absorbs quickly, making it an ideal base for makeup application.

One of the standout features of this product is its long-lasting formula. Even in the sweltering heat and humidity, it provides continuous protection, reducing the need for frequent reapplication.

Users’ Reviews:

Super value for money !

“ Sunscreen is one of my daily routine in my skincare. I’ve used many different brands of sunscreen. This is one of the most value for money. High SPF and non sticky and light. Texture is smooth and velvety. It has brightening effects as well. Bottle is easy to carry around and apply. “

User picture

Effective uv care product

“ Good sunblock with spf 50. Suitable for hot humid weather. No white cast. Very easily absorbed n easy to blend and mixed well with my skin. No sticky or cakey feeling. When needed, just touch up again. “

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“ I like that is is SPF50+, PA++++. This type of high coverage makes my life easier. I just need to apply in the morning without worrying about re-applying. On the product itself, it is lightweight, watery and easily spreadable (1 of the photos shows just 2 drops of the product). When I first apply it, I was a bit surprised with the white cast on my face. But a few taps using palms will minimise/ remove the appearance of the white cast. So, it is not an issue. It also smells neutral.”

User picture User picture

Non-sticky sunscreen!

“ I love how the sunscreen is non-sticky for a humid country like Singapore. I was worried at first that there may be white cast after applying but it proved me wrong as it left my skin with no white cast. The sunscreen even gave my skin a nice dewy glow! I am in love with it! :) “

“ For a big fan of Japanese products - this lotion definitely did not disappoint. For Charle Eterrite Dual Protect Force 50NC Lotion, is SPF50+ .. and with high coverage - it just makes my life easier on the application for both indoors and outdoors (especially when I'm in a humid and hot country!). Upon application, the skin looks brighter and feels lightweight.

Also, it is super handy, in a compact size which makes it easy to bring out and about. Plus ..
- Good protection against the sun
- Suitable for use as a UV makeup base and body
- Clear and natural one-tone brighter skin
- Definitely should try! “

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In summary, the eterrite Dual Protect Force 50NC UV Cut Cream stands out as a reliable choice for comprehensive sun protection. Its lightweight texture, long-lasting effectiveness, and suitability for various skin types make it a versatile addition to any skincare regimen.

For those interested in experiencing the benefits of this outstanding UV Cut Cream, you can find more information on the product page here. Stay sun-smart and protect your skin with eterrite!

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