COSMERIA of the Year 2023 Awarded Items

COSMERIA of the Year 2023

Winners decided by a poll of 200,000 high class Asian women interested in Japanese cosmetics and review website rankings.

What is COSMERIA of the Year?

An award for the cosmetic product most preferred by 200,000 Asian women

- An award for the cosmetic product most preferred by 200,000 COSMERIA monitors and fans with an interest in Japanese cosmetics

All products listed/introduced on COSMERIA are eligible for the award

- All Japanese cosmetic products listed on the COSMERIA website or introduced on social media are eligible for the award

Evaluation method

- Selected by comprehensive evaluation of fan posts, review website rankings, number of reviews, quality of reviews, likes and shares on social media, number of comments, and user-generated content

COSMERIA of the Year 2023 - No.1 and UV Care

eterrite dual protect force 50NC

Featured Review
”I could said this sunscreen was awesome that it has a light texture as well it non sticky to my skin, which I could freely touch my face like without sunscreen. I’m very happy to use this sunscreen whenever I’m out from the house :)”

Face Wash

Featured Review
”Upon opening, I was pleased to see a generous amount of Washing Cream. Taking a small amount, I added some water and rubbed it to create a fine and dense lather. The foam felt gentle as I massaged it onto my face, providing a comfortable sensation. After rinsing with water, the T-zone on my face felt refreshed and not greasy, effectively removing the day's dust and dirt. Following up with a bit of moisturizing toner, my skin felt fresh and breathable. Subsequent skincare products were better absorbed than before.”


Featured Review
”When poured out, it has a transparent watery consistency and feels smooth to the touch. Applying it to the face with a cotton pad, you can clearly sense a refreshing and moisturizing feeling, and it absorbs well. The hydration is excellent. Initially, there might be a slight stickiness when applied to the skin, but subsequent skincare products are also absorbed well. After use, there is no unusual sensation on the skin! ”


Featured Review
Crystal Gel Whitening is the best product I have ever tried. It save time and money, yet give me very soft babylike skin.

Special Care

Featured Review
My daily routine includes applying it to my eyebrows after my skincare routine. I use it once a day, and there's a noticeable increase in the length of my eyebrows. It doesn't have any particular scent, and the fact that it's made in Japan gives me confidence in its quality.