SakuraPlus SkinTuner Moist

SakuraPlus SkinTuner Moist

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The toner is formulated with Japanese beauty berry, an ancient Japanese herb which is said to have higher anti-oxidizing actions than Vitamin E, and is extremely effective in whitening and on blemishes and wrinkles. It also contains tomato extract, which protects the skin from UV rays, and white cloud ear mushroom which is said to have higher effect on moisture retention, so much that even Yang Guifei is said to have loved it.

Shea butter, which is said to make troubled sunburnt skin fair and beautiful, is also used. Keep your skin vibrantly beautiful and be happily surrounded by the fragrance of lavender geranium essence oil, which is highly effective in making the female hormones active.

All the plant-derived components are produced in limited quantities, and they are all organic herbs which are particularly produced without pesticides and fertilizers. Because of that, the active contents of the herbs are more concentrated than usual, and the effects become tremendous. Natural water with high water hardness and numerous amounts of minerals from the world heritage, Aso, is being used. Skin Tuner Moist is derived from nature and whoever uses it can achieve fair and beautiful skin, and spend every of their days fantastically.


Murasaki Shikibu fruit extract , tomato fruit , lavender extract , white fungus extract


Focusing on beauty from within, for 12 years, we have been developing it as “Sakura” in Japan and New York, and as a nail salon which is safe and lets you have a peace of mind.

The owner, Yumiko Kanou, developed this original organic project as she had wanted to make women all over the world beautiful through this genuine product produced without compromise. It is also being loved as an original cosmetic by many celebrities in Japan and New York.

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Customer Reviews

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Kaya Chiu


I-Hua Chen
It has str……

It has strong scent like essential oils which I like very much~ And it does have the effective moisturizing power to my skin. LOVE IT~

Vita Liao

因為平常使用化妝品的習慣都是偏向選用清爽的產品,所以一開始就對SAKURAPLUS SKINTUNER MOIST有興趣。SAKURAPLUS SKINTUNER MOIST質地是水狀的,延展性很高,皮膚吸收也很快,保溼效果也不錯,但是使用後稍有悶悶的感覺,對我來說比較適合在乾燥的天氣使用。另外香味也較強烈,對於氣味叫敏感的人可能會稍有不適。

Thuy Vipoh
To use this pro…

To use this product is an amazing experience. I love to touch my skin after using it. The effect may not come after 3 days of use but I believe that it is a good product.

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