Pure Barrier
Pure Barrier

Pure Barrier

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1) This is an additive-free coating and moisturizing gel that was developed to protect patients from dry skin caused by bandages or compresses.
2) With its oil-free patent high polymer coating, it protects skin from things that affix to it, and composite plant-based ingredients calm the skin and protect from itching and inflamation.
3) It is also incredibly convenient as a cosmetic skincare product. When spread over the face after washing, even those with atopic dermatitis can enjoy smooth, long-lasting moisture.

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Customer Reviews

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Wing Sze Cheng
I receive a pack of 6 different products…

I receive a pack of 6 different products. Overall, I like the products especially the cleansing water gel (wish this can be purchased from cosmeria store). Others like cream and lotion, as i only receive a pack, it is hard to feel the effectiveness from the products. I hope that next time can receive larger size of sample!

詩頴 盧


Xinyii Chng
It doesn't have any smell…

It doesn't have any smell and really does helps to keep my face moist throughout the day. Recommend this!

Xinyii Chng
As I have dry skin type,…

As I have dry skin type, I think this product slightly too dry for my skin. But I agree that it is a convenient product to clean your face.

Yi-Fen Hu
Pure Barri……

Pure Barrier凝膠質地清爽,塗抹薄薄的一層在臉上的傷口,很快就吸收了,因為Pure Barrier凝膠有保護傷口且保濕的作用,使得傷口不再因為乾癢而反覆被抓傷,上妝時也不會直接刺激傷口,對於臉上時常出現痘疤傷口的我來說非常實用!

Fung Cheung
It is great to use in summer…

It is great to use in summer. The texture is light and absorb quickly. I highly recommend to those combo or oily skin people.

Ruby Chan
This watery gel doesn't have any color or fragrance…

This watery gel doesn't have any color or fragrance, I think it is suitable for sensitive skin but I don't think this product can long lasting moisture.

Uji Rahmadani
The texture is so light…

The texture is so light and watery, doesn't feel sticky at all! Really makes my skin moist and hydrated without greasy feeling after usage even after few hours. Also plus point bcs this product doesn't have any (strong) smell. I definitely love this!

喬西 陳

凝膠質地的產品因為試用期間天氣很冷加上又去紐約出差 感覺保濕力對我的大乾肌來說不太足夠 後續上妝還是有脫皮問題 令人意外的好處是跟我的粉餅不太打架 不知道是不是因為我後續還有擦乳霜的關係沒有致敏 所以過敏人應該也可以放心使用

Chang Yi Ting
It is great to use in hot weather!

It is great to use in hot weather! I feel moisture but fresh! But for those have dry skin may think it is not moisturise enough.

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