Plus Pure VC25
Plus Pure VC25
Plus Pure VC25
Plus Pure VC25
Plus Pure VC25
Plus Pure VC25
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Plus Pure VC25

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Best Japanese Cosmetics - Gold (COSMERIA of the Year 2017)
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"Since ancient times, vitamin C has been known as a cure-all for the skin. However, vitamin C is a hard ingredient to handle for cosmetic products.
The product made to solve that problem is the “Plus Pure VC25.” For this product, use of the original “A-PVC design” manufacturing method allowed us to succeed at sealing a massive concentration of vitamin C inside—the vitamin C content of 130 lemons is distributed within 10mL of serum. Skin possesses moisture and oil content. Since typical serums are water-based, it takes time for them to permeate the skin, and it is possible for the effects of the vitamin C to disappear before soaking in.
However, due to the A-PVC design, Plus Pure VC25 serum is amphiphilic, meaning that it can be dissolved by both water and oils. Thanks to this technology, the high concentration of vitamin C will swiftly penetrate deep into the skin. Plus Pure VC25, which contains the highest concentration of pure Vitamin C of any serum in Japan, will lead the way to smooth, springy, beautiful skin. We have received many happy comments from customers who have really been able to feel the effects of the serum. Wouldn’t you like to try this serum, featuring highly-concentrated pure vitamin C, and really feel its next-day effects for yourself?"

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Methylpyrrolidone, ascorbic acid, butyrolactone, diglycerol, BG, PG, glycerin, PEG-8, orange peel oil, lavender oil


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
The texture is kind of like oil but…

It has quite strong scent but not too disturbing, imo. The texture is kind of like oil but it absorb quite fast into the skin. The downside is it's oxidize. Idk, but I accidently leave few drops and few days later it turned darker. Luckily I didn't leave the bottle open though.

Received this product …

Received this product really quickly, packaged well with some candies too! The bottle is made of dark glass, which is great for protecting the active ingredients in Vitamin C serum. The 10ml bottle lasted me a good 2 months. My complexion was always brighter the morning after use, but I only started seeing effects of scar fading as I was finishing the sample, so you really have to be patient to see effects! My fingernails started to be stained yellow after prolonged use too, but that's not too bothersome. All in all, I like this product!

It is very good…

It is very good. I love the taste a lot, and it really make my skin become white! However, you can only use for 2 months, as it will become yellow very soon

It's Really good…

It's Really good !highly recommend!i am sensitive skin and this product improve my skin problem a lot.

Thank you…

Thank you cosmeria, I have received and used the product. Right after I washed my face using the product, I feel that my skin is softer and smoother.