Counseling Gel Moist Type
Counseling Gel Moist Type
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Counseling Gel Moist Type

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Awards & Credentials

"COSMERIA of the Year" awarded in 2016


Gained Triple Crowns for Rakuten Real Time Ranking!
Ranked No 1. for Beauty/Cosmetics/Perfume/Skincare/Toners and Lotions(2017/2/27 17:12)

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How to Use

1. Cleanse the face thoroughly. If the surface of the skin is not clean, it is difficult for the gel to penetrate, so use a facial cleanser to remove makeup. Rinse thoroughly and tone the skin.

2. Use a small amount. The tip is to use a small amount first, not a large amount all at once. Firstly, push 1-2 times, place on the finger, then gradually spread from middle of the face to the outer.

3. Further application for the parts that require more attention. If you need a little more moisture in certain areas, push 1-2 times and apply as above to those areas again after the first application has absorbed into the skin.

4. Finish by using the palm of your hands for full coverage. Wrap the whole face gently with both palms and let the gel reach every parts of the stratum corneum using the warmth of your hands. Tip! Don't rub your skin hard or press down on the skin! "Counselling Gel Moisture type" will quickly absorb into all parts of the stratum corneum without any extra rubbing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
a good product to use for moisturizing the skin…

I actually didnt have my picture that time but i guarantee the goodness it does to my skin unfortunately, i didnt use it for a long time used iy for a week cause its only sachet but still a good product to use for moisturizing the skin

It's perfect for my oily skin…

It's perfect for my oily skin. My face looks radiant and it doesn't look oily even I stayed long under the heat of the sun.

I just love it…

I just love it.
But once again, it took very looonngg time to arrived.
But overall i love it, smoothen my skin very well

I have very sensitive dehydrated skin…

I have very sensitive dehydrated skin.
This unscented gel hydrates my skin with an immediate plumped up feeling. It stays on the skin comfortably without causing any irritation, it even soothes the redness on my face.
As the gel feels a bit tacky when applied on the skin, would suggest it to be used in the night time.
For very dehydrated skin like mine, during very cold season, suggest to use facial oil underneath this gel so the gel can work its best by locking in the moisture to provide a smooth, hydrated canvas .

One of my favorite product…

One of my favorite product. Makes my skin glowing and moisturized all throughout the day. I really enjoyed using this product.