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~Register as a monitor and receive Made in Japan cosmetics samples for free~


A social platform for cosmetics and beauty products made in Japan.

Register as a monitor with COSMERIA and ...

  1. Try out cosmetics that interest you
  2. Encounter cosmetics that suit you through word-of-mouth among your female friends
  3. Purchase cosmetics of your interest on COSMERIA or external sites

The steps are simple!

1. First, register a free monitor account (Create account or Log in)

2. Enter information about your skin condition and cosmetics from your account page (*We are offering opportunities to sample cosmetics that match you skin, age, and taste.)

▼Step1 : Click "Edit" on your Personal Information

▼Step2 : Select and enter your personal information and click "Update"

3. Follow COSMERIA on facebook and Instagram (*We will post free sampling notifications on facebook and instragram. Don't forget to follow us!)

Now you only have to wait!

When the sampling that matches your attributes or interests is done, you will receive a notification via e-mail, facebook, or Instagram.

When you are selected for the sampling, post your honest reviews online.

Of course, everything is FREE!