3 Benefits of Following COSMERIA

"Collect, Earn, & Discover"

Have you followed COSMERIA yet? Follow COSMERIA now and get tons of benefits! Rest assured that follows and registrations are all free.

What's the benefit of following COSMERIA?

1. You might get free Made in Japan samples!

COSMERIA is regularly looking for testers to try out free cosmetic samples. We will notify you of these opportunities on Facebook or by email, so don't miss it!

If you are chosen, you will be asked to post your feedback and review on COSMERIA after testing. Rest assured that it is totally free and there will be no hidden charges, not even delivery fees.

2. Recommend products and earn some pocket money!

Introduce the products sold on COSMERIA on your own blog or social media account. If someone sees your post and buys the product, we will pay you a portion of the proceeds from the purchase.

You don't need to directly use the product as a user or tester. You may analyze and put together the characteristics and feedback of product(s) and introduce them in your own words!

This is our current recommended product.

3. Discover the cosmetic that suits you best!

There are many types of cosmetics and real feedback for them on COSMERIA. Additionally, we feature products with especially excellent feedback every year as COSMERIA of the Year.

We hope you find the cosmetic that suits you best!

What do I do first?

Just take the 3 steps below to follow and register. It only takes 1 minute!

1. Follow our Facebook page (we look for free sample testers on Facebook)


2.Register as a tester for COSMERIA (you won't be able to apply for free samples unless you register as a tester)


Registering using your Facebook account is the easiest way!

3. Register for the Supporter Program (you will need to register to this to earn pocket money for introducing products)


Likewise, registering using your Facebook account is the easiest way! Please check this page for details.

Done? Enjoy COSMERIA!