Japanese Beauty Trial Set - Buy 1 and Get a $4.99 Coupon Back

Want to try high quality Japanese cosmetics? Order your beauty trial set today.

1. Choose one and enjoy
We offer 3 different types of packages. White&Clean, Moisture and Anti-aging. Costs only $4.99 and FREE SHIPPING. Choose 1 that you want to try and enjoy!

2. Get a $4.99 coupon
You will get a $4.99 coupon back after your order one of these sets.

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Q. How many packages can I order per time?
A. You can select one type of packages per time. If you order 2 or more, we will cancel the order.

Q. How many samples can I get per time?
A. Each package contains 5 different sample products. With just one order, you can try 5 products.

Q. How do I use the $4.99 coupon?
A. Just enter the coupon code when you purchase the product on our online shop. This coupon can use to purchase any product on our site.