Special Products Looking for Free Testers

We're currently looking for volunteers to test the products displayed at the bottom of this page and write their impressions in the form of a review. If the conditions below apply to you, the products will be completely free, so don't miss your chance to apply!

- Country: Singapore and Thailand (those with a delivery address in this country)
- Application period: 2023/8/8 ~ 2023/8/29 23:59 pm (JST)

How to apply:

1. Complete your registration here

2. Choose the product you'd like to test from the bottom of this page and place your free order by using the coupon below.

3. Make sure to put your shipping aaddress in "Billing Address" section when you place an order. (Because there is no step to put your shipping address when you apply for this free tester.)

We will check your personal information and, if you're selected, we will ship the product to you!

In the unfortunate event that you're not selected, your free order will be canceled automatically.

Coupon code: SUMMER2023

Coupon validity period: 2023/8/8 ~ 2023/8/29 23:59 pm (JST)

- You'll be selected if your personal information matches the target user base of the manufacturer, so be sure to enter your personal information accurately.
- Temporary purchases by using the coupon above are limited to one purchase, one product per user.
- If you make multiple temporary purchases or place an order for multiple products, we will cancel them all.
- If multiple accounts place multiple orders to be shipped to the same address, we may consider all orders as coming from the same individual and cancel them all.

Final requests:
- If you happen to win a product, please leave a review by all means. If you win a product but fail to submit a review, you may be excluded from participating in the next selections.
- This website exists thanks to your reviews, so we kindly ask for your cooperation!