Cosmetics from a Lumber Dealer

Gifu Prefecture's Tono region is the largest producer of Japanese cypress.

The so-called Kiso Cypress from the Tono region which is where Nakatsugawa Town is located, is known as one of the 3 greatest timbers of Japan and has been used to construct various major wooden architecture such as the Ise Grand Shrine, Nagoya Castle, and Himeji Castle.

In order to spread the word to the world about the wonders of Japanese cypress as well as to bring up a new generation of people who will nurture and protect these forests and trees that bestow their many blessings upon us, we established a new company called meettree Co., Ltd. to find new possibilities of utilizing Japanese cypress.

With the know-hows of a wood processing company, we are well equipped to fully utilize the Kiso Japanese cypress without wastage, by extracting essential oils from the foliage and developing as well as selling botanical cosmetics mainly produced from plant substances.

We hope that through meettree's products, you will be able to experience "healing" such as the one we get from being in the midst of the forest and Japanese cypress.