AloAlo Natural Hair Oil
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AloAlo Natural Hair Oil

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"AloAlo Natural Hair Oil" is a product produced by hair & make-up artist Shiba Taro, made for professionals by professionals. It gives your hair a natural gloss and smoothness while also protecting it and lightening it up. This mist type oil truly achieves an authentically beautiful finish. Plus, its special mix of ingredients give you an extra level of care which quickly extends the durability of your hair color! This hair oil keeps your hairstyle under control, and can be easily applied at home. It is only 1 product but it fulfills 4 different functions. This hair oil follows 3 maintenance steps to help heal damaged hair, making it healthy again. Its 5 beauty ingredients make your hair supple and glossy. Its 9 varieties of essential oils softly envelop your hair, giving it a gentle aroma. Since it is a mist spray type it is easy to use and can be employed on both wet and dry hair.

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3 years after manufacture


Alga near spinosa kernel oil, camellia seed oil, shea butter oil, sunflower seed oil, Iran Iran Hanayu and Roman chamomile flower oil, etc.


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Consisting of all mah star ingredients…

Consisting of all mah star ingredients, it gave mah hair extremely smooth at the first use. The mist type helped me control the amount of oil put on mah hair, so that i couldn't overuse it. Highly recommend you to apply this mixture after 1-2 hour of washing hair.

I have been using …

I have been using AloAlo Natural Hair Oil for 2 weeks now and I am loving this product!

My hair is a bit dry due to constant change of hair color and exposure to heat due to curling or ironing. There are even days when my hair is so hard to tame that I end up just tying it up in a messy bun the entire day.

When I started using AloAlo Natural Hair Oil, I noticed that it helps a lot in taming my dry, frizzy hair. I love how the product is in a spray/mist bottle because it makes it easier for you to apply the product on your hair.

I tried using AloAlo Natural Hair Oil both on dry and wet hair. It works great on both but within two weeks of using it, I prefer applying/spraying it on damp hair. I noticed how it kept my hair shiny and manageable throughout the day. If, however, I had to use it on dry hair, I prefer applying/spraying it on the tips of my hair.

Overall,this product is great and it is something that I would repurchase. I highly recommend this to those who have dry, frizzy hair :)

This hair mist is…

This hair mist is very good for me, because I have dry and damaged hair due to coloring. I've always use hair vitamin but my hair still kinda coarse, but this hair mist made my hair soft and smooth. Thank you cosmeria!

This oil mist is…

This oil mist is not very oily . I tried for few days and found that it is best used after shower , use before drying hair , it give shine and make hair soft . And the herbal scent seems make better sleep to me .

The smell can…

The smell can be slightly overpowering when you first spray it on but it doesn't linger. Can also be slightly greasy but because of my hair type (naturally dry + coarse) it fades away - ymmv. This does help to make my hair feel smoother to a certain extent but is sadly too light for me. Would probably work better for those with less coarse / straighter hair.

Here I am again…

Here I am again! I'm amazed with this product! I admit I got a frizzy hair.. so everytime it dries up , I'm worried if hows my look .. especially the hair... First time of applying it helps me calm, no worries at all on my hair. the smell is great too. I'll definitely recommend this to those who never tried this that also having a bad hair day as always. THANK YOU AGAIN COSMERIA FOR THE PRODUCTS! I AM SATISFY WITH EVERY PRODUCTS I GOT.

Love the smell…

Love the smell of the oil, works well on the ends of my hair and not further up than that because it gets a little oily and makes my hair look too glossy/wet, as if I just finished a workout! Overall a good product, just apply a small amount everytime will do, but not too useful for someone like me who has rather short hair. Thanks for the sample!

I tried applying on…

I tried applying on both wet and dry hair and it works well for both! After applying, my hair is softer and more shiny and is easier to comb! But be careful not to put too much otherwise it will become too oily.

The smell is…

The smell is a little too overpowering for me. Also, while it did smoothen my hair at first, it gets oily quickly after awhile. It might be due to the humid conditions in my country! But i do like the idea of using natural oils for my hair.

I have applied it…

I have applied it after receiving samples but it does not work for my situation. Not too gloss, not soft, just wet and hair orienting stick together. Might be I live in the coastland with salty condition, hot wind so it could not make it looks better as others.

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