eterrite LOTION (I)
eterrite LOTION (I)

eterrite LOTION (I)

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With dignity and clarity.
The moisture spreads straight to the skin*, and it feels smooth in use.
It gently restores the stratum corneum layer that tends to become hard with age.

How to Use

1. Use on clean skin after washing your face.
2. Put an appropriate amount (about the size of a ¥500 coin) on cotton or on your palm.
3. If you are using cotton, lightly pat from the bottom to the top, without rubbing, and blend it in evenly over your entire face.
If you are using your hands, gently blend it in so that it will spread evenly over your entire face.


Water, glycerin, DPG, methyl gluceth -20, maltitol, moringa oleifera leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, soybean seed extract, hydrolyzed avocado proteins, glycolipids, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, isopentyl diol, BG, betaine, maltodextrin Dextrin, Na citrate, citric acid, pentylene glycol, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben


Loved by Japanese women for 44 years for our methods with the theme of "beauty and health." We have reached 2.5 million members who use our products regularly in Japan. We select materials with the shared motto of "placing our customers first," and put effort into high product quality manufacturing by conducting strict quality checks at each stage of the manufacturing process, and so on. We provide quality skincare that prioritize gentleness on the skin and high functionality. A cosmetic product "made in Japan" that many Japanese women use regularly, and has been recognized for its pleasant sensation when used and its functionality with regard to aging care. We would like many women in Asia to experience the happiness and satisfaction of better skin with each use!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Very moist

It was absorbed quickly and made my skin soft and moist. I keep using it more than 1 and half months, I feel that my skin condition is good!

Good product

This toner is light and moisturizing. It leaves my skin smooth after using it with a cotton pad. It did not irritate my sensitive skin since it's alcohol and fragrance free

Moisturing toner

This toner is alcohol free , nod fragrance, i feel refreshing after using it and is very easy to absorb , after using for few weeks i find that my skin is more moisture and hydrate

Refreshing and brightening

Good toner that absorbs quickly and easily, moisturising my skin. After a few uses regularly, I noticed my skin being brighter. My skin is combination oily and it helps keep my skin hydrated. Recommended!

Moist toner

Usually toner has astringent which is dry for skin.but this is very good. Very moist .

Light and refreshing

This toner is a light watery texture that absorbs quickly leaving a matte refreshed feeling. Skin is hydrated slightly and prepared for the next step. The toner seems to have a bit of a dry finish so skin is not tacky after it is absorbed.

Wonderful product

It so good it rehydrate my skin and makes it so nice and smooth

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