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Beauty that transcends time.
A new choice in beauty called White Honey Care.

Miel Mariage is a basic skincare line that was developed through collaborative research with Professor Morishita of the medical postgraduate course in Osaka University’s graduate school. Professor Morishita is also the leader of anti-aging.

Miel Mariage is skincare that was created with the future of women in mind., based on the theory of botanical therapy called “phytotherapy” that incorporates the 100% organic “white honey” also called the “illusive honey”, as well as the beauty ingredient (EGF) that won the Nobel prize.

White honey is a “super rare and valuable” honey that can only be harvested from the flower of the kiawe tree that is found in Hawaii. At the American Honey Show organized by the America Beekeeping Federation, it shines with the laurels of victory in the cream honey division. It is chockful of enzymes, and its powerful antibacterial and hydration properties give shine and moisture to the skin of modern women that is prone to damage from air-conditioning and ultraviolet rays. All items in the Miel Mariage series contain white honey.

Because of the white honey in the Miel Mariage products that have high moisture and antibacterial properties, they hydrate dry skin and create plump and fresh skin.

EGF(Human Epidermal Growth Factor) is a protein that promotes cell growth and functionality, and was the first beauty ingredient to receive a Nobel prize. By supplying the skin with EGF, skin is revitalized and regenerated, the turnover cycle is stabilized, and plump, bouncy and fresh skin is maintained.

Phytotherapy is a traditional therapy from Europe that utilizes the power of plants to promote the nature healing powers of human skin and raise immunity. Miel Mariage contains various herbs in each product from the viewpoint of phytotherapy. It is a basic skincare line that is uniquely blended using the best ratios of botanical ingredients that are used for skin regeneration in the theory of botanical therapy.

Lineup of Miel Mariage products.