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 RAFRA是日本製造的品牌,其理念是“在皮膚上減少化妝品的用量”。如果過多澆水,植物的根部最終會腐爛,因此過度護理皮膚會產生相反的效果,就像結束枯萎了。 RAFRA是終極護膚品,它能精選出皮膚的必需品,從而帶出皮膚的主要功能。自1999年創立以來,它在日本的化妝品店中非常受歡迎,直到現在,它仍然是許多人喜歡的品牌。

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Ngọc Nguyễn
It totally clea…

It totally cleans my pores. After using it, I felt my skin so smooth and soft. Quite sastisfied with it! God, I'm highly recommended this to anyone who has the blemish problem.

Mary Joy Zaulda
I noticed ……

I noticed first the smell of RAFRA. At first I am confused of black balm orange Extra cleansing.. I must agree this is great cleansing .. I love it.. I am really impressed by how this works on my face. It does help to cleanse my skin well, not only that. My skin feels smooth and moist after cleansing. My skin seems to look brighter and feels cleanser upon washing.Thumbs up for this Balm Orange! I will surely Recommend this product . THANK YOU SO MUCH COSMERIA FOR DELIVERING SMILE TO ASIAN WOMEN.

Thuy Vipoh
This is the fir…

This is the first time I use this kind of cleanser (so called an orange balm). It doesnt produce foam like the others; but I feel very cleanly fresh after washing. The result brings me a healthy and smooth skin. This is a great product!!

Nhàn Tăng
San pham g…

San pham giup da mat duoc massage thu gian hon, sau khi lam sach da mat tro len mem hon & min hon. tuy nhien do san pham co tinh dau cam nen hoi co cam giac nhon. do vay nen rua lai bang sua rua mat de bot nhon da mat.

Avi Tran
It comes along …

It comes along with a spatula for hygiene purpose. Love the orange smell and warmth sensation while I spread the paste on my face which is very nice. It leaves moist and soft on my face after massage and rinse it but I don't feel the balm cleanse my pore thoroughly with charcoal ingredient. I use it every morning after wake up for a week but don't feel any difference, only got some small acne, maybe due to hot weather, this balm is just ok for me I think.

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