Skin Care Lectures by One of Japan’s Top Estheticians

A four-part lecture series on skin care is broadcast live on COSMERIA’s public Facebook page. The lecture focuses on skin care for people in their 30s who have sensitive skin.

There will be viewer-exclusive presents and special discount offers!

※The lectures will all be conducted in Japanese. Foreign language subtitles will be viewable on the videos uploaded to COSMERIA’s YouTube channel within three days of the original broadcast.

Lecturer Profile

Shoko Tsukamoto

Ajesthe (Japanese Esthetic Association) Certified Lecturer

Ajesthe Total Esthetic Advisor

CIDESCO Internationally Certified Esthetician

Keio University Faculty of Letters Graduate

Ms. Tsukamoto has been interested in natural cosmetics since her teens, when she dealt with her own fragile and allergy prone skin. Ever since then, she has been searching for a way to improve her skin’s strength.She is an experienced esthetician whose interest is in using high-quality, carefully selected products along with proactive and appropriate skin care routines. Through her work in the salon, she built up her expertise and strove to improve skin quality. She has also worked as a lecturer for an esthetician school, where she conducted training courses for certified estheticians. She is currently a licensed lecturer through Ajesthe (Japanese Esthetic Association).

Drawing from her many years of experience dealing with sensitive skin, she is now currently working as an advisor and developer of cosmetic products. Her current interest centers on beautiful and healthy aging. This interest in exploring the effects of beauty and health on aging societies began with her own mother, whom Ms. Tsukamoto has looked after for several years following a serious surgery. In searching for a way to balance work alongside her mother’s care, Ms. Tsukamoto began running a private, reservation-only salon. Now she runs her salon in addition to developing cosmetics and conducting seminars.

Message from the Lecturer

How old are you now?

At what age did you start your skin care routine?

If you are in your 30s now, you have probably had a daily skin care routine for the past 10 or 15 years.

Of all the grooming we do, brushing our teeth and looking after our skin are probably the only things we do every day without fail. (*^_^*)

Even so, have you ever felt as though your skin care wasn’t having much of an effect?

Even if you are only doing your skin care routine twice a day, within a year that adds up to roughly 730 times! In ten years, that’s 7,300 times, which means there is a huge difference in impact between skin care that is perfectly matched to your skin and skin care that isn’t.

In this four-part series, I want to teach you about everything from “Six Requirements for Beautiful Looking Skin”, to “The Structure and Function of Beautiful Skin”, “The Four Biggest Barriers to Beautiful Skin” and “Indispensable Cosmetics for Everyday Skin Maintenance”.

Your twice-a-day skin care routine will keep on going from here.

Take this opportunity to learn about how to nourish beautiful skin in a way that fits your own skin. Make your skin care routine an enjoyable part of your day!

Video Contents and Broadcast Schedule (each broadcast will be approximately one hour)

  • 1st Broadcast: March 6th (Tuesday) 1:30 p.m. ~

Fundamental Skin Care Knowledge / Six Requirements for Beautiful Looking Skin / The Structure and Function of Beautiful Skin / The Four Biggest Barriers to Beautiful Skin

  • 2nd Broadcast: March 20th (Tuesday) 1:30 p.m. ~

“Guide to Thorough Face Washing” Cleansing, Face Washing / Indispensable Cosmetics for Everyday Skin Maintenance / The First Step to Beautiful Skin: Cleansing, Face Washing, Rinsing

  • 3rd Broadcast: April 3rd (Tuesday) 1:30 p.m. ~

“Guide to Good Products for Skin Care” Toner, Serum, Body Milk / Skin Care for Creating and Nurturing Beautiful Skin / Choosing Cosmetics for Sensitive or Allergy Prone Skin

  • 4th Broadcast: April 17th (Tuesday) 1:30 p.m. ~

Skin Care Measures for Different Seasons, Concerns, and Situations / Seasonal Skin Care