About Cosmeria Rewards

A token of thanks for sticking around with us <3

What is Cosmeria Rewards?

Once you sign up for a Cosmeria account, you become eligible for Cosmeria Rewards. In fact, you earn Beauty Points just for signing up! You can use Beauty Points  

You can earn beauty points in a several ways:

  • Making a Cosmeria Account
  • Making Purchases
  • Writing Product Reviews
  • Following us on Social Media
  • Referring a Friend


Make an account, get points for buying quality products 💄

As soon as you make an account, you'll receive 10 beauty points. Having a Cosmeria account is the first step to becoming a Cosmerian all-star! With your Cosmeria account, you can accumulate points with every purchase (1 point for every dollar spent!) and even earn 40 points when you log in on your birthday week! 🎂

Write a Product Review 📝

Reviews are important to both our customers and to us. Product reviews are important to helping fellow Cosmerians find what's right for them. As such, a review earns you 20 beauty points. Please be sure that your reviews are both honest and fair. We are happy to hear what you have to say!

Not sure what to review? You can browse our sample store. Samples must be part of a full purchase, but they only cost $1 each.

Follow us on Social Media 📷

When you follow us on Social Media, you can get 20 Beauty Points! We have a Facebook page and Instagram account, so if you follow both, you can earn up to 40 Beauty Points! 🙌                                                        

Share Your Love for Beauty: Invite your friends! 👯

Introduce your friends to Cosmeria! With your referral link, they’ll get 10% off on their first purchase and in addition, you'll have another 40 Beauty Points to add to your own balance. It's a win-win for everyone! 

Redeeming your points 🌟

Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to add a reward of your choosing to your basket. If it is a free item, please go to the Points Shop page, select your desired reward, and make sure to apply to reward code (which will make it free!) when you check out. We will ship your reward with the purchase you are making.