A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence 50ml
A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence 50ml
A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence 50ml

A.M.A All in One Gel Skin Essence 50ml

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Awards & Credentials

Best Skin Care in Vietnam - Gold(COSMERIA of the Year 2017)

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How to Use

1. Grab an appropriate amount (500yen coin size or diameter of one inch). If your skin is too dry, the component may absorb too quickly when massaging into the skin. Place the gel on 5 places on the face and lightly spread it all over.
2. Massage the back of the ears by pinching lightly. Slide your fingers straight from the back of the ears to the collarbone and take it down in a straight line.
3. Pinch the top of your cheeks with your thumb and forefinger. Pinch the eyebrows at the same time.
4. Make a V-shape with your hands and hold up to your face-line firmly, then move them to behind the ears. Once they are behind the ears, slide your fingers to the collarbone.
5. Pass below the cheekbones from the nose and firmly lift up to the temple. From the temple to front of the ears → behind the ears →slide to the collarbones
6. Slide your finger from tail corner of the eye → inner corner of the eye → lightly rotate below the eyebrow and around the eye → slide your fingers to the temple. Slide your fingers from the temple to the front of the ear → behind the ear → collarbone.

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Customer Reviews

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Good for using is winter…

Good for using is winter. The essence is quite moisture. Not to dry after using it. Thanks for the sweet

The gel is a little bit…

The gel is a little bit thick in texture. It Need to be massaged e for a while to absorb. It is too sticky and difficult to do make up afterwards.

When I first use this product…

cwhich feel easy to absorb and moist on my face. After used few days, it was surprised that can help my skin retain moisture for a whole day.

Fresh gel-like skin care product…

Fresh gel-like skin care product that leaves your skin silky and soft after 1 week of usage. My pores seemed to be tightened and less visible. Try this out and it would tell the difference.

This essence has a gel consistency…

This essence has a gel consistency which is perfect for oily skin because it also water based. It absorbs to my skin well and makes my skin feel bouncy and hydrated. Its perfect for both day and night use.