Today, I will introduce Vernal travel set. This is mini travel cosmetic set; which contains two soaps; Anku soap, sensitive zaifu soap  and an essential shower spray. There are two types ofsprays; moist and natural. My package is moist travel package. Natural set is recommended for oily and normal type skin people and moist package is recommend to dry or mixed skin. 


When you open, you can see two package for soap and shower moist spray and one soap case, and one plastic pack and a small hand bag which you can contain all these products. Especially, this one small hand bag is useful to put all the cosmetic samples and plastic bag is useful to put soaps carefully. Vernal sensitive soap and anku soap contains each 30g and Vernal essentialshower moist contains 60mL. 


From this photo, you can see all the items inside the box. The white soap plastic case is suitable to put two mini soaps. Soaps are small size so that it will be easy to carry for travel. Not only for travel, but also you can take it when you go to sauna or go to onsen, or after swimming. Moreover, you can put other cosmetics in this travel bag such as shampoos and other creams. 


This is soap package. Anku soap is used by Aloe vera leaf extract and Sensitive zaifu soapis used by avocado oil and shea butter. Avocado and shea butter are known for protecting skin and help to care damaged skin. 


The left one is sensitive type soap and the right one is anku soap. They both have different smells, Mostly, they have plant smells. Since these soaps are based on natural plant ingredients, I could not feel any dryness. Moreover, I could have plant smell after using it for a long time. 


This is shower moist spray. Simply, you can put this spray after taking shower. This one is water type and feels like water. It does not remain on skin for long but it refreshes body. Moreover, it does not have any smells. I recommend to use it for someone who like fresh type body care cosmetic. It could be better idea to put it when you are exposed for a long day during summer time. 


Since you can see from here, it is spray type with a small cap on it. For someone who has dryness skin, it would be better to put this one first and then put another cream on it. If not, for someone who has normal or mixed skin, putting only this product will be enough. Personally, this product is not so oily and absorb very quickly.