Your 3 step routine to a healthy, perfect skin

This product was created with women’s skin in mind, using traditional horse oil as its base. The product uses 100% Kumamoto made, highly purified horse oil, which dwarfs conventional oils in comparison. Look and feel great, and uncover your unique charm that can’t be replicated by imitators’ products.

The big three for anti-aging care: “Protect,” “Fight Wrinkles,” and “Moisturize“As the product uses all-natural ingredients, it’s perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. Prepare, moisturize, and protect — the three steps to beautiful skin.


This product is suitable for all skin type, basically it is just essential for every woman to hydrate, repair and nourish their skin. You can use thing product even though you are on medications for acne or dark spot treatment.Use the set according to the steps given to get full results and maximize moisture absorption into the skin. They basically promote each other! if you’re not sure if you want this product, you can go HERE to get a free samples for Japanese beauty products in exchange for a review online.



This supplies necessary oil to the skin and promotes penetration of the other skin care. Supplement oils compatible with skin and horse placenta extract at the same time. The horse oil softens moisturizes skin. Placenta extract keeps the skin healthy, enhances the elasticity of the skin. It also plays a role of moisturizing moisturizing the area around your eyes and mouth.


Contains horse placenta extract, soy milk fermented liquid, Satzakura flower extract, oligopeptide, etc. Excellent skin moisturizing ingredients mixed well to create this serum. It is compatible with the Lotion solution and enhances moisture. By moisturizing the skin at the same time as repairing, We will not only moisturize the outside, but the inside of the skin as well while improving the elasticity and texture of the appearance.


It is a gel type cream with excellent covering power. The light texture of the gel cream is to improve skin breathing because Without it, polymeric ingredients stay on the surface of your skin, protecting your skin from drying and external stimuli. Oil content prevents transpiration of moisture from the skin, and the other essence protects the skin gently and prepares the texture.


"My Skin Type is Sensitive Skin, T-Side Oily Face, Cheeks Dry. There is no allergic reaction, no special scent. it is slightly compact, but the degree of moisturizing is very good! The skin that was originally peeled first. i recommend to use all the first squeeze onto the cotton pad, and then wipe the entire face, the first time i tried it is directly on my hands as a result it dropped everywhere." (20’s / Taiwan)

"This product is indeed proven to be effective on my face. Its response is very fast, permeates and moisturizes dry skin. The face feels fresh but still light. The most important thing is that no irritation effects occur on the face of the skin. it is best indeed." (20’s / Malaysia)

"Because it is a lotion, it is taken with a cotton pad, and patting around quickly absorbed into the face, and there is no smell. i have sensitive skin, and it is fine for me. After using it, my skin immediately feels moisturized and nourished. It is refreshing and non-sticky." (30’s / Taiwan)

"This lotion has no fragrance and transparent, which is watery, so it is refreshing and non-sticky, not a thick lotion, but it has a very moisturizing feel." (40’s / Taiwan)

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